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I've backed a few Kickstarters over the past couple of years. Many have been fun and exciting (Monte Cook's Numenera and the Dungeon Bastards "World's Worst Dungeon Crawl" are two examples). Most have been late, of course. Really late. But, then, that's Kickstarter.

I have never actually perused Kickstarter. I've always heard about interesting projects via social media. So I figured that it would be nice to have a thread here where we can all share interesting, gaming-related crowd-funded projects. Not just from Kickstarter, but any of the other ones as well.

To start off, I'm currently backing Breachworld. It looks to be an interesting cross between Rifts (unsurprisingly, the author freelances on Palladium products) and Gamma World (civilization collapsed some time ago). It's built on Mini Six, which happens to be my go-to gaming system. Because I've been burned before, I'm paying special attention to how the author is planning his release schedule. He's already released a free 77 page preview which tells me that he really is serious about production.

I've become something of a Kickstarter Junkie. I'm backing one right now.


Superhero RP built using the Apocalypse World engine. Looks fun.

I'm only in for a PDF, because for some reason shipping outside of Korea is extra, and I'm...well... outside of Korea.


This one looks interesting for folks like me who do a lot of online play.


Saw some of the artwork posted on Monster Brains (somewhat NSFW). Not sure yet if I'm going to back it, but it did catch my eye.

For a bit of OD&D madness, err fun: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/marktaormino/maximum-mayhem-dungeon-2-secret-machines-of-the-st

Looks to be a typical fantasy meets Little Green Men.


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