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Ancient Gamer:
Having observed western media coverage of the Ukraine crisis, I was mildly amused by the Russian rhetoric.

It seems Russians have taken a liking to liveleak, and browsing the Ukraine crisis there revealed that their rhetoric goes like this: "NATO puppets in Western-Ukraine sends Neo-nazi thugs to attempt coup in... <insert location>"


Joke on late night show, 95% of residents of the Crimea voted to join Russia and the other 5% were given a second chance to vote correctly.

Ancient Gamer:
In other news, the chinese media is comparing first ladies. The US first lady vs. the Chinese one... Now this is unbiased, eh? Hehehe.


Ancient Gamer:
The world's newly appointed "mighiest nation" (financially) also has military news, with dramatic photos of their armed forces:

Let the world know their might, and their population adore their heroes.

Next I think I will take a look at the African perspective.

Well, this sounds promising.

Russia signals concern for Russians living in Estonia

Pan-Slavism didn't work out so great in 1914, why try it again a century later?


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