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Gifts from other races to make into a 30?

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Cheka Man:
We've had Goblin Gifts, Hobbit Gifts, Orc gifts, Theifling Gifts, I wonder what next?

30 Gifts from a Dragon
30 Gifts from the Undead (Liches, vampires, zombie lords, intelligent revenants, etc)
30 Gifts from Fairies

I wanna see 30 Gifts from a Cultist  :cthulhu:

Oh, thats easy -

Perhaps you could take another route with this: I imagine that the greater challenge would be 30 gifts FOR a dragon.   It is SOOO first edition to the get the god-lizards a princess or a chunk of gold for the horde.  No troupey trinkets!  The fantasy community demands a new list of bribes, tributes and tokens of affections for its flagship monster.

You are just  the writer to do it cheka!


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