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I need ideas for 30 Goblin Gifts

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Cheka Man:
axlerowes: 26-Marsh shoes...just shoes with mud in them
Cheka Man: lol
Cheka Man: how about a goblin praise song? lol
axlerowes: You remind me of the babe
Cheka Man: :))
Murometz: a teensy weensy minor mud elemental, a gift from the goblin shaman... 2 hps, size of a walnut
Murometz: 27- ^
Cheka Man: 28-Three pointed dagger,
Cheka Man: a jitte
axlerowes: need to have something absurd
Cheka Man: a skilled person can auctally break a sword with it
axlerowes: that would be ironic that the goblins have it
Cheka Man: 29-captured Elvish harp? lol
axlerowes: yeah
axlerowes: but maybe more absurd
axlerowes: a goblin self help book of some sort....

26. Teensy, Weensy, minor Mud Elemental
A gift from the goblin shaman. He almost had a heart attack and popped some blood vessels summoning the thing. Best you appreciate his gesture. It is the size of a walnut, but in all other respects, a proper creature of elemental mud.

Cheka Man:
Cheka Man: 30-Fart gas bomb? :))
Murometz: i think our work here is done :)
Cheka Man: yay
Murometz: release the kraken!
axlerowes: call it Poo-gas
axlerowes: funnier
Cheka Man: I'll write the 30 when rl lets me


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