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Stuck on a dwarven Sub: 30 Dwarven Quirks

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19) Keeps eating the same stone. Some breeds of dwarves chew stones to keep their teeth worn down, this particular dwarf is very found of one particular stone he has been chewing for years:  even after swallowing the stone and passing it.

20) Obsessed with dwarfopomorphizing objects and then understanding the past lives of those objects: The god that gave forth the dwarf is a waste not want not type, and in this vein he did not understand why new souls should be continually generated. Thus a dwarf does not travel to the after life, at least not for long, but he/she is instead reincarnated as another dwarf.  The dwarf with this particular quirk, like many sees personality in things such as stones and tools. But not only does he talk to the stones and tools, but he gets fixated on determining what they were in a past life.  "Magmapulse (dwarven name) get me a pick axe from the wagon, I think this wall is about to give up the vein." Moments later..."Oh no not Lucy, she was a trowel in her past life, she is not good for taking down vertical walls, hurts her soul to much."

*21) Septpolar disorder: Unlike common enough human bi-polar, dwarves with this personality problem will rapidly shift their personalities between seven different extreme. This dwarf will one minute be Grumpy, and then the next Sleepy, followed by rapid transition to Dopey behavior.  The seven poles are of course: Short attention span (doc), Grumpy, Sleepy, Happy, Dopey, Hypochondria (sneezey) and bashful. 

Maybe too meta for serious gamers

22) Ancestor Worshipper
Dwarves venerate their ancestors - but this one is obsessed with genealogy, filling up his pantheon with ever more distant relatives.
"Let us ask our common great uncle for luck in this endeavour."
23) Legacy Hoarder
Despite the fact that his ancestors held numerous objects of worth, power and beauty, he thinks his particular branch of the family is entitled to them all, due to being the most worthy.

24) Explicit contract for every joint venture:  True dwarves invented the contract as a way of making words like stone.  This particular dwarf extends this tradition all little to far, almost as desire to control and be certain about every aspect of the future.

"Attention please, I have drawn up a rough agreement here in the dirt. As you will see I will lower the bucket into the well. I will wench the bucket up, I will do this within 400 heart beats, if I have not completed the water collection by that time, Jonick here will step up to the well and assist me. If we do not complete the project in another 400 heart beats than Raff and Flagquarry will take over.   The bucket will then be passed to Raff, or Raff will retain possession of the bucket. Then  Raff will travel to the trough and empty  the bucket.  Should there be a hole in the bucket...."


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