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Stuck on a dwarven Sub: 30 Dwarven Quirks

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25) Only drinks through sponges. This dwarf is terrified of Nuverl, and indeed frightened of any standing pool of water.  He wears turtle totems and only drinks by soaking up the liquid into a sponge and then sucking it out of that sponge.  Bathing, if he does it, works much the same way.

26) Really dislikes alloys: He of course recognizes the benefits of bronze or steel, but they always strike him as little crass or distasteful. Alloys are dilutions of the pure beauty of metal. The sound these hybrid metals make strikes him as terribly tacky.  He can understand why they have a place in the mines or the workshop, but to eat your food with a steel knife: tasteless.

27) Equates Uncertainty with Lying:  This dwarf does not have  a "maybe" thought process.  People can be wrong, but he cannot grasp how they can be uncertain.  Thus any uncertainty strikes him as a lie and he detests liars.

Human: I saw ten or twelve people running out the library.
Dwarf Constable: Which was it ten or twelve?
Human: I don't know.
Dwarf Constable: But you saw people, you saw more than 9 you are certain about that?
Human: Yes
Dwarf Constable: Well if you saw people how can you not know how many, I can understand you being wrong, but you must know how many you saw. Why are you trying to deceive us? Who are you protecting?! Where is the stolen of Tome of Beard Heredity?!"

28) Detests moist or wet food.  This dwarf find the thought or the sight of mouths masticating juicy or succulent morsels nauseating. He prefers his meat cut thin and burnt, he prefers hard bread, cheese and crackers. He dries his fruit and roasts his vegetables black.   

Wow! Thank you for all your support! I was able to think of two more today and that rounds out 30!

29: Sneezing Berserker. Not that he sneezes while he is going berserk, it's that if he sneezes, he goes berserk. Surely, he wouldn't have an allergy to anything ... Actually, he may keep a small pouch of pepper or other substance to make himself sneeze when he needs to berserk.

30: No day/night cycle. Truly hates mornings. It's not that he's nocturnal, it's just his sleep/wake cycle was ingrained into him in mining shifts, not influenced by the sun. The sun always comes up too soon, and no amount of coffee will appease him, although some ale may lubricate his good manners back into being. He may get ready for bed by twisting the horns on his helmet around so its on his head backwards, shielding him from the rude sun.


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