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This is what I worked with:

Looks Pretty and Muscular
Wealth Newly Rich
Fertility Above Average
Traits Dense, Sensible, Supporting
Origin Neighboring Country

1. Criminal Person Friendly Because Friends with Family Member
2. A Mercenary Person Hostile Because Childhood Rival
3. Rich Person Hostile Because Theft (Ooh! Ties right in with "Newly Rich!")
4. Person from Same Social Group Friendly Because Former Lover

As per val's suggestion we're going with "RollASpouse" for free text.

The Spouse Generator Version 2 is now available for further inspiration, the original Generator has also been partly upgraded.

As for progress on my character....There's just so many options! But, I will have it done before the end of the month HOPEFULLY.

I'm bumping this to see if there's any interest for it. It seemed like it at the start but then we only got the one entry. I shouldn't really be talking about this though because I am one of those lazy people who could not get anything out in sub form. BUT there's an official Npc quest running now as well, so extra incentive!

The ONLY entry so far, is Longspeak's Felicia Cortez
Which has also only gotten ONE vote so far, namely mine. Not very stylish people, so get cracking and vote on it!

An alternative was also suggested to me, namely that we generate ONE Npc, and then all participants give their own spin on it. Let me know if that sounds interesting.


Do you people really want me to defeat all of you simply because I was the only one who showed up? C'mon! Cowboy up!

Also, anyone who read Felicia when I first posted her, read her again. I fixed her a lot based on Goss' original feedback.


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