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I haven't been voting nor made any subs in a while, I won't bore you with excuses but there it is. I would like to change that though, and because of my recent work an idea came to me. An Npc challenge.

The rules are loose and simple:

Using my generator as a base for inspiration:, create an Npc of any gender, species, significance, role and setting.

Edit: Please note that there's a version 2.0 as well now;
And that you don't need to go with your first roll unless you REALLY want a challenge.

If anyone else would like to join in, that would be great fun and I promise I will vote on them, we'll have a poll to determine the winner in that case (no price except glory), otherwise I'll treat this as a personal challenge.

Do you have a freetext we can use to link it all together?

(and really nice generator!)

Uhm "Spouse Challenge"? Maybe... I dunno, happy to take suggestions.

And thank you so much, Scras. :)

Ancient Gamer:
Ooooh! Look at this NPC, eh, spouse!

Looks Hideous and Hideously Obese
Wealth Destitute
Fertility Highly Fertile
Traits Learned, Passionate, Deviant
Origin Same Clan as Spouse

1. Criminal Family Friendly Because Ancient Allies
2. Discredited Person Friendly Because Business Associates
3. Discredited Group Friendly Because Greed
4. Person from Same Social Group Hostile Because Had a Friend Killed

I picture a mountain of a man, a fallen crime lord, now destitute, but with friends in low places.

Sounds like a great start. ;)


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