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I have been lurking for some time and have finally taken the plunge. I am a want-a-be writer, new DM, former player(2nd edition) and would like to play again.

I too started with the "Red box" but at the time did not quite understand the game. I knew it was the game for me but with no one to guide me way back then I dropped it. The next step in my fantasy life was reading my very first book. Raymond E. Feist  "Magician: Apprentice" at age 19. Quite late for my first book but have made up for not reading in my early years and have several hundred books under my belt now. Robert Jordan, Raymond E Feist, R A Salvatore, David Eddings are some of my favorites. A year later I got a roommate that Played D&D and was invited to play. What followed was a very intense year of gaming(and drinking). Fast forward 25 years and the entire series from Robert Jordan. I introduced my nephew  to D&D. I am a poor DM but him and his friends did have an incredibly fun time. We will be doing it again soon.

Researching for the game with my nephew is how I found this site. I do have a great imagination and am full of ideas. My two biggest problems are a lack of experience at DMing and coming up with names that are appropriate. I am sure that the good folks here will be able to help me out and I most defiantly hope that I will be able to help others in return.

Looking forward to hear form the combine knowledge of the Citadel.

Good to have you, Stork!

While there are lots of ideas here to use in-game, there are also a lot of articles on the fine art of GMing.

Personally, naming is my absolute least favorite thing, so I feel your pain.

Anyway, it is good to have you on board. We have a lot of random conversations in chat (big and little), as well as in the forums, so if you're ever stuck on something, feel free to join in or give us a shout.

Fair warning... we are a loony bunch (don't worry, we can be kind to storks as well), though you may have caught a glimpse of that already if ye've been lurking.

Feist FTW. I just put him on the list rereads. Been a long time!

Thanks for registering, always good to see a converted BH!

Hope you find yourself comfortable and start loading us up with your ideas. And we don't care if you call characters Jon Smith or even something as dumb sounding as Bilbo. The idea will shine through!

Thanks for the welcome.

I am still learning to navigate the site and am working on my first submission. A rather fun and amusing idea I used that could lead to a side plot, money making opportunity, or just wasting away some of the PC's hard earned money.

Love the loon/stork pun.

Pardon my ignorance, but what is a converted BH?

BH: short for Barbarian Horde. I.E. the folks who come to the Citadel, raid it for ideas, and then head off back to their savage camps for gaming. (In some places they might be referred to as "unregistered users" but that sounds so... bland.)


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