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Hello to everyone,

I'm from Italy, i've been a player for more than 10 years; i started with the famous dnd red box (which arrived quite late in italy), more or less i played all the version of the game till 3.5 and now i'm using pathfinder.
I'm also DM, as a dm i mainly deal with pathfinder and call of Cthulhu and sometimes i do short game to try new system like dungeon world and savage worlds.

I discovered Strolen while reading a thread on the Paizo forum, since it seem like a great source of inspiration (i'll try to add something too) here i am :)

Benvenuti sulle nostre coste!

The Red Box. Woot!

It worked! He's fallen into our cunning trap welcoming forum!

Look forward to seeing more of you around, El Eclipse.  :D

Welcome aboard Eleclipse!




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