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Dozus follows the Path

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Unworthy though I am, I pledge with good faith to be worthy of the divine.

You must craft a new creed for the faithful to follow.
Write 1 sub in the "Societies - Religious" or "Systems - Divine/Spirit" category outlining the belief system, pantheon, or hierarchy.
Write 1 sub in the "NPC - Religious" category associated with the new religion.
Write 1 sub in the "Items" category that features some artifact relating to the faith.

As the first rite, I submit Jampiri for your approval.

And now, task the second: my religious NPC, Lescelina the Witch Queen.

The third and final: The Arm of Saint Max.

Voted on 3 subs, upvoted 5 comments.

The rites having been completed, Dozus submits himself before the Synod. Behold, the way is clear, the path is achieved.

And so by your graces, fellow Synodic Councilors, I shall henceforth be an Acolyte of the Divine Synod, and further, Merchant of Divine Wealth


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