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PC's for Guild Sub. Groups or individual?


As i am putting all my thoughts together and getting my ducks out of the cheese wagon, i am pondering the best way to go about posting the information about my PC's in the Guild game Submission
I figured that making a new post for each individual would be better becuase Then you can see each one individually. Little bit more work on my part but i dont really mind.

On the other hand, i could post them in groups of 3, going with the person that made all 3 pc's. this means less submissions, and you can see the the pc's as a whole from the individual who made them( kind of give you a better sence of the person maybe?)

I dont know which would be prefered... or if any of you care. Just looking for some thoughts and feed back about the subject.


I think separate if they are unique enough to warrant that.

It there is a theme that connects a few of them, that might make sense too. Especially if their history and motivations overlap. Then it would be natural to lump a few PCs to stage a scene where they can be used together.

If they can be summarized, perhaps just a descriptive list of PCs, maybe you can add some others and make a 30 Guild Game PC's type post?

There is no wrong way. I would step back and see how the Citadel could use them vs. how you use them. If that makes sense.

Again, there is no right or wrong answer to that. Whatever makes the most sense to you will be perfect for us!


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