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Language and spelling


Of late I see more and more people complain about the spelling and grammer mistakes that some of us make.

I would never argue that my english (or american for that matter) is perfect. I am pretty sure that I do make mistakes in either of these languages.

Still I would like to ask for some consideration for those that clearly are not native american or english speaking people.

It may be just me, but sometimes I realy feel like asking you to refrain from further such comments until you write dutch (or french) with as little mistakes as the subject of your complaints write their english.



I hadn't noticed any complaints for spelling or grammer, except for anyone useing "chat" or "net" or "733T" speak. Anyone useing netspeak gets a swift kick in the shin.

For people who don't speak english a their first language, do you best, don't be afraid to ask for help, and direct complaints from nit-picking zealots who won't just leave you alone to your friendly admins so we can tell them to leave off. Unless you can beat a non english speaker in a essay contest in their first language, shaddup.

 :D Let's play nice now, all.  :D

:D Here Here! Agar!

Well, I have a feeling that I may be a culprit in this. If so, please dial 1 now.


That's what I thought. I'm sorry.


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