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All You Need Is Kill

Watchmen meets Sin City meets cold, hard, grimy mundane world, meets New-Age Noir meets Jo Nesbo meets John Connolly meets Lee Childs meets humorous meets Stephen Hunter meets other stuff. Lots of meetings.

Player 1: Longspeak
Character: Karl Hathaway, OneShot.
Player 2: Dozus
Character: Dan "Dog" Donovan, Bloodhound
Player 3: valadaar
Character: Edward 'Eddy' Stringer, Chosen
Player 4: Silveressa
Character: Kate Hammerhill, Quicksilver


Khanh "Katie" Phuong
Wingman, the guy EVERYONE wants as a partner.
Larry the Lizard aka, Gecko, aka Goggles ?
Mr. Cellophane
Phil Brill the Thrill
The Paradox
Iris the Virus
Bouncer ?
Professor Skate
Teddy Best
She-Golem aka Eve
Origami and Papercut
Dr. Insano!?

Do we need an ooc? Probably not. Maybe to catalog the Soundtrack :P

The playlist would be more manageable if a) you hadn't STOLEN my song and 2) I didn't have pandora playing all day at work.

Which reminds me, I thought of the PERFECT song for Karl...

I'm waffling on a post. Will post later tonight. Maybe. Dunno.

Karl as a character isn't really ready to go into a situation with three unknowns (you guys). But I as a play don't want to screw up the game, and Karl also knows on some level he's in over his head. Trying to think my way around all that.


Karl Hathaway
Gunnery Sergeant (ret.), United States Marine Corps


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