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A Sad Day for Gossamer

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Ancient Gamer:
Google forces its Google+ "Service" on more and more users.

Now everyone can see our Gmail account. Everyone can contact us.



Thanks for the heads up, turned that crap off. Let's get some pitch forks and storm Google HQ shall we?

Ancient Gamer:
New opt-out feature available for Gossamer!


I keep having bad days it seems... http://www.cracked.com/article_19683_6-terrifying-user-agreements-youve-probably-accepted.html?wa_user1=4&wa_user2=Tech&wa_user3=article&wa_user4=companion

Ancient Gamer:
Those EULA's keep reminding me of Indians selling territory for glass pearls. The contracts the Indians signed had small writing, and the glass beads were shiny, but worthless.

We, the internet users, are the new Indians methinks.


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