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Here's a challenge!

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Take this sub or any other sub rated 2.5 or lower and re-work it or put a new spin on it as you see fit!

We could make it an official Quest too, if there is enough interest.

I'm interested

Give it a title we can slap in the freetext box

The free text shall be...


So the ground rules are:

1. Do not do anything to the original sub you're redoing/refurbishing/reinventing
2. Link to the original sub please
3. Redux free text
4. Call the sub whatever you wish, Doom Tea II for example, or Tea of Doom, or Coffee of Dread, or what have you.
5. Maybe an extra 25xp award for each sub re-done? (Strolen?)

REDUX drive is a go!

Redux is Go!

My first Redux sub is in the works, and it is pulling on an ancient sub, horribly done.

And I'm trying to keep it from becoming War and Peace in the process.


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