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So I've been wanting to do a bunch of over-powered NPC's but I am beginning to realize just how long this will take, so I have decided to propose an idea, a sort of challenge, to design the most complete (back story, personality, supernatural gifts) and powerful characters to have as a kind of legendary heroes of the site.  I thought of this because I was always wondering, but who was the best?  Who was the best rouge ever?  If I could pit everyone against each other at their peak who would win?  I wanted to create a fighter so legendary his name rang even among the gods as the greatest ever; a rouge who was not just 'good' at disappearing but so amazing that he could vanish in the middle of a light-filled room.  So, even though I'm guessing that no one might ever see this, I want to prepare for if someone does.  So it's first come first serve so if you get here later and the class that you wanted to write about is taken then you'll have to fight the original author for the right to do so.  The classes I can think of off the top of my head are as follows:

I want to make these so that if someone has a great idea, but can't put a good enough backstory together they can say it was made by the greatest sorcerer of all time ______, or a contraption so advanced not even the great ______ could disable it.  Thank you for reading and feel free to just post ideas as well.

You can approach this from several angles.

There is the celebrity angle, where these NPCs are active and involved in the world, and as members of the top of their fields they are famous, wealthy, and very powerful. Example: Arthur, Merlin, Robin Hood, the Knights of the Round Table and the Merry Men in a contemporary setting (aka they are alive)

A second angle is the historic approach, the NPCs are no longer alive, or around, but their names resonate through their professions, and the things they did are passed down through training an tradition. This would work well for genre fantasy, as you can throw names in, and let the details fill themselves in. Details can be drawn from specific settings, such as the characters in Lord of the Rings who date back to the Silmarillion, etc.

The third angle is the mythic approach, Hercules was the greatest fighter, but he was half god. The greatest members of each class are partial god, or gods in disguise, or were mortals who offended the gods and were punished for it.


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