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I'm here to lick bass and fake games!

Hey JoJo, glad to see more new faces around the ol citadel, here's some links to articles to help you with your first time GMing  :thumbup:

Welcome Jojo :)

It's always pleasant to see new members here.

--- Quote from: Jojokiwi on January 05, 2014, 04:50:45 AM ---I just am full of ideas that I usually forget very quickly and as such I would love to see something done with them before they vanish.

--- End quote ---

I know exactly how you feel. Then things stagnate. So act, fast! Now, don't I sound like a hypocrite? :P

Any help you need, just ask anyone. There are plenty of good links and subs to help you accomplish whatever you want, Silveressa has added a couple of particulars for GM'ing. Here's some links to more helpful, generic stuff:




All of these can be found under the "Library" tab at the top of the Main Page as well :)

All the best to you, I hope to see some of your stuff :)


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