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Hello all,
My name is Jojo_kiwi, you may call me whatever you would like.  I'm introducing myself so that other authors and users alike may greet me and maybe even help me flesh out some ideas that I've been having. 
A couple things about me:
-I love criticism.  Mostly because it helps me determine if and when I use this how believable and how stupid a character/setting/stupidly huge mythical beast might sound to the characters and players that I am portraying it too.  So please if you do give criticism, be brutal.
-I am a new GM, and am currently GMing for my first time ever.  Any tips or hints that you might have for how to do things that you found out later would be great.  For example, I found out when I designed my first city that I was not thorough enough and the players found this was a bad day.
-I would love to collaborate on something and love when people use my stuff.  If you see one of my posts and you think to yourself, "I know exactly how that should look" or something along those lines feel free to pm me and run with it.  Also I have tons of ideas, so if you want to write but don't know what about, I might have an idea or two that I would love to see someone write up.  Just so you know, I'm trying not to sound like a know it all and I do hope I am not coming across as such, I just am full of ideas that I usually forget very quickly and as such I would love to see something done with them before they vanish.

Anyways, thank you all for your comments and help so far and I look forward to many more in the future.

Call you anything we like? Countess Schnauzer von Hasselback the third? Poopy face tomato nose?
Hi, I'm Goss. Welcome.  :)

This sounds like the perfect match for you then. Open your creative bomb bay doors and start dumping all over us!

Countess Schnauzer von Hasselback the third was my father, so you can call me the fourth if you wish, but if you pick a name I just ask that you stick with it, otherwise I won't be able to tell who you're talking to
also thank you for accepting me and my tendency for the extraordinary so quickly

 :cthulhu: *LICK* :cthulhu:

YEA NEW PEOPLE! HERE we need some one to drive this thing :pirateship:


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