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Order/Time v.s. Change/Eternity


The Righteous and Honorable Argumentum of Time and Order[/u]  

Before Arch-ego, the world lasted/lasts/will last forever. It was/is/will be both infinitely ancient and infinitely new at once, and all manner of beings roamed/roam/will roam the landscape eternally. The Great Archpropagator and Devious Distributor of Chaos, Sarapis, dwelled/dwells/will dwell among his misshapen chaos-children and enabled/enables/will enable the chaos and eternal stagnancy to continue/endure on into eternity. The maddening, fractal, endless branches of chaotic diversity destroyed/destroys/will destroy culture and order, reducing it into a swarm of pointless movement and stillness. Then, the Archpropagator Sarapis laid/lays/will lay with the Harlot-Mother of Chaos and Undutiful Daughter of Eternity, Halcyon, his wife, and together they conceived/conceive/will conceive seven children. These children were/are/will be Okiridos, Echeon, Darius, Axanimandes, Tellus, Tethys, and Arch-ego. While the other six children sought/seek/will seek to propagate more chaos and eternity, Arch-ego made/makes/will make something wonderful and beautiful to order the world: Time. Arch-ego presented/presents/will present his father, Sarapis, with Time, and used/uses/will use it to proclaim himself First. Sarapis, Halcyon, and the other beings of the chaos gasped/gasp/will gasp at Arch-ego the First, for no such concept as First existed/exists/will exist during the time of chaos. Arch-ego thought/thinks/will think that Time would/will please Sarapis, but instead, Sarapis was/is/will be angered and he cast/casts/will cast Arch-ego from chaos into the Void. Arch-ego, dismayed that his construction has angered/will anger Sarapis, shouted/shouts/will shout a mighty oath, proclaiming the rule of Time. He then went/will go to do battle with Sarapis and his chaos, using beings that he had/has/will tamed/tame with Time and Order. There was/is/will be a great battle, and Arch-ego smote Sarapis with Order, destroying him forever. Halcyon and the Six Children wept/weep/will weep to see their chaos-father destroyed, but their wailing did not/does not/will not sway the righteous iron will of Arch-ego. Arch-ego impressed/impresses/will impress time upon the world, making order. No longer was/is there eternal pointlessness, but instead, all things wound/are winding/will wind down to their own ending. No longer was/is there a cyclic order of rebirth, forever introducing renewed chaos to the world. Arch-ego now rules everywhere Time holds sway, bringing order, peace, stability, and prosperity wherever he sees.

The Beautiful and Graceful Rebuttal of Change and Eternity

Sarapis, the Great World Dragon, ruled over the world before the coming of Arch-ego gave this Rebuttal the concept of before. All beings were possessed of eternal life, and there was endless diversity. All points of view were adressed and all things accepted, as is the way of things. The Dragon of Change dwelt with his wife, the Great Phoenix of Life, Halcyon. A great profusion of life and existence existed in harmony under their great reign. But as they were wont to do, Sarapis and Halcyon came together, and conceived seven children: Okiridos, Echeon, Darius, Axanimandes, Tellus, Tethys, and Arch-ego. The first six children went to spread harmony and acceptance, showing others the ways of change and acceptance. But Arch-ego, the Dark and Sorrowfully Wayward Child, conceived a strange and saddening idea and this he crafted to show his father. The Wayward Son called his restraining, constricting creation Time, and Sarapis was possessed of a great sadness when he saw how Time brought about endings and decay. But Arch-ego's audacity was not through, for he had used his willfull and oppresive creation to create First, and this concept lent more oppression to the world. Sarapis was filled with fury at his Wayward Son's attempt to imprison the Eternity in Time, and cast him from Eternity into the place where the leftover bits of creation had been placed, the Void. Arch-ego brooded and nursed a steely hatred in the Void, and ensnared a region of Eternity with his Time, making all who dwelt there enemies of Change. The battle was great, and in the end, Arch-ego struck Sarapis with a sorrowful blow, and the Great Dragon of Change bled. From his wound, Sarapis died, and in dying, formed the Land of the Dead, a place where those who had been sorrowfully ended by Arch-ego's time could continue to live. And so, Arch-ego came to be the master of Creation, and Eternity was destroyed, and so was the Kharmic Cycle of Reincarnation. Arch-ego oppresses and constrains Creation, keeping it from it's true potential, trying to make all regimented and homogenized, into decay. But Sarapis will rise again, and Change will once more be the rule of Existence.


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