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[Meow!] Out Of The Lion's Den

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catch spikey yellow flier and show Dark-Eye. She will be proud...! Mangle stalked carefully, inching towards the bee, but paused, suddenly sad for some reason... Why? His brain eventually caught up with his feelings as he remembered that Dark-eye had only just sent him out, away from her colony. No... Mangle thought, Catch spikey thing for me! Mangle leapt, but the bee deftly buzzed away, leaving mangle with a mouthful of air. The stray landed on his feet and looked around for the insect, but it was now too high up for him to catch. The glint of glass caught his eye, however, and all thought of bee-chasing gone, he padded over to the shattered sliding door. quiet now, Mangle, he thought, This is where the Two-Legs live! But... Maybe food! stalking quietly and with ears pricked, Mangle padded slowly in through the now-empty pane to investigate. He was on his own now - he had to find food and shelter to survive, and perhaps this house was a good candidate for both...

Siren no Orakio:
Where Mangle dared tread, every paw had to be set with caution. He'd stepped through the broken glittery stuff before, he knew how it could bite and sting worse than any spiky flyer. But it seemed to stop where the darkness fell from the walls of the home. Careful, careful, he picked his way along the soft, plush carpet with its shiny landmines, letting the sounds and smells fill his dented skull. There was the smell of food, certainly, of the dry, crunchy things that She left for the cats, from time to time. The smell of People, too, was strong, cut with an oddly acrid tone. And a third smell was there, strange and sweet and entirely alien.

As for Tom, as he paced the roof of the shed, he noticed that the dog did, indeed, have at least one bowl in the yard, though it was clear past the blind terrier and his human, neither of which seemed to notice the cat. Two houses down, however, a burly man was placing a big white bag into a metallic can, and as he turned away to pay attention to a human female's call, he trudged towards his home, the can still open.

Taking a closer look, Tom saw that the food bowl held only water. His tail twitched in irritation and he jumped off the roof, walking the streets once again. He wasn't about to look in the big can, those things had lids, he didn't want to get trapped. So off he went on the look for something better.

The smell of the Two-Legs was strong in the room, causing Mangle to freeze for some time - he nearly reconsidered entering, and wondered momentarily if he could find that Spiked Yellow thing again... But no, the search for door was important, and he had to take care of himself now! Keeping adjacent to the wall of the room, Mangle slinked deeper in, hunting for a dark spot to hide - under a lounge or beneath a table - where he could feel safer. That third scent piqued his curiosity however, and his eyes roamed the room cautiously, seeking the source of all odours.
Dark-Eye says use your mind careful, Mangle. Use it careful and look with all your things! his internal monologue offered this sound advice, and he pricked his ears to catch any sound that may be made.

Getting layout of the room + using all senses to check for danger and especially that strange smell.


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