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*With a bow and a flourish* Allow me to introduce myself.

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My good gentles,

It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself to thee good sirs and madams all. I go by the name Kalcipher in these parts, but you may call me Kal, and indeed do as it is easier!

I'm from and living in Ireland, and have a couple of groups that I play with. Mostly DnD 4E, which I have been playing now for about five to six years. The majority of this time was completing a campaign from level 1 to 30. My first game ever played. One of the reasons it took so long , was that our group runs two alternating games. It was during this time I took up the mantle of DM, about two years in and have been doing it ever since!

Like I said 4E is kind of my RP home, but I have been a player in; World of Darkness, Route 666, Legend of the Five Rings, Deathwatch, Only War and, hopefully soon, Numinera. I'm GMing an Iron kingdoms game also at the moment.

Looking forward to posting on this regularly, and talking with all of you about EVERYTHING!
Till then, sleep sweet and dream well.

Greetings Kal!  We won't hold your 4th edition heresy against you :)  Well, maybe not all of us.  Gossamer at least likes it.

Level 1 to 30 - that must have been quite the campaign


Ancient Gamer:
Welcome to the site, Kal!


--- Quote from: valadaar on December 17, 2013, 11:45:58 AM ---
Level 1 to 30 - that must have been quite the campaign


--- End quote ---

Aye, indeed it was. Starting with fighting centipeads (not giant rats (the herasy continues)) and culminating in getting trapped in another realm with basically the first of the Primordials. An excellent intoduction to RPG's in general.

Thank you for the welcoming!

Greetings, Kal

I too will overlook the 4E heresy, but only because you mention Numenera. That looks to be an awesome setting. I plan to plunder it mercilessly. I'm curious to see how The Strange pans out.


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