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[OOC Coldforged] 1423: The Crusade Against the Circle of Ketange-Ishatal

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Ancient Gamer:
The Ketange-Ishatal Circle are an order of monks and mages, specializing in the obscure. For nearly a millennia they have studied the arcane arts and collected aeons of lore and hidden knowledge. For nearly a millennia they have resided in seclusion on the P'tuah Plateau, hidden in their fortress monestary on the top of natural sand stone pillars.

(Just like Meteora of Ancient Greece)

The Monk's libraries are vast, and said to be the most complete library in the world, rivaling the mythical book and tome collection of the Dusk Library in the realms of Muir. (A border dimension and perilous passageway between this world and other places).

The Monks are exotic and strange, devoting their lives to study and perfection. Many live there, sent from the lowlands on quests of learning, or simply sentenced to exile, with nowhere else to go.

From the lowliest of acolytes, to the Grand Masters of the Monestary, the Monks study is varied and diverse.

Here follows a few of the more prominent members of the Monastic Order:
- Dieter Sachshoff, exile of Silmar. Master of the Arcane. Bringer of Fire.
- Ugardh, Ugeroth Hillsman. Dancer of Death. The Scythe Wielder. The Tattooed Terror.
- Urst, unknown origin. Master of Bodily Enchantments. Stone Fisted Martial Artist.
- Erick Val Sackeur, refugee from Silmar. Master of Lore. Keeper of the Library. Terror of a hundred scribes.
- Marina Amaranth, exile of the Conquered Lands. The Deadwalker. Ghostcaller.
- Hakros the Half-Giant. 10' tall. The Black Plated Spear Slayer. The Guardian of the Stairs.
- Faythos One Eye. Master of Symbols. Placer of Wards.

Many individuals residing in the Monestary are mythical entities in their own right, the magic of the monestary giving longevity to those who study therein (few know of this, as it is only revealed to Masters of the Monestary).

In the year of 1423, at the end of a century of witch trials and burnings at the stake, the Paladin Prince of Koeningsburg of Silmar declares war on the Monks of Ketange-Ishatal. An army of 40.000 men, including a Hexenjaeger detachment of no less than 500 Hexenjaegers, march in silvery plate armor from the gates of the capital of the Kingdom. Their goal: To kill every sorcerous fiend found within the monestary, and to burn their demonic tomes on the cleansing pyres of the Hexenjaegers.


Ancient Gamer:
At the start of the game, the PCs, all prominent (epic level) members of the Ketange-Ishatal Circle, have been sent on a quest to the isolated village of Treskenmauer. It is said that the exotic vampire faeries nest in the forests nearby, a myth reinforced by the villagers themselves. They have never heard of vampire fearies, but every single villagers have heard of the dark forest, and of the horrid monstrosities that dwell therein. They refuse to enter those woods, though it seems an ancient sacred shrine of some sort is therein too, with a blessed pathway leading to it.

And thus it begins, on a quest for the Master of the Circle, to find and trap a male and female specimen of the vampiric faeries of Ardenwald, and then to return to the Circle, to continue their studies.


- The PCs have no idea about the Holy Crusade being launched against the Circle at the beginning of the game. That information is added merely to inform potential players of the nature of the game.
- The rules will be roughly the same I use in the Bleakwood game. I will post the modified version with new dark sides and all that in another post.
- Even though the player characters will be epic level, meaning they have some earth shattering abilities, it is lethal as ever. In my system even the most heroic character can be killed by a well placed arrow (if there is no form of protection in place).


Ancient Gamer:
Bleakwood is starting up again, right about today.

Coldforged is not due before 2014.

Just prepping the game as the ideas fall into my head.

--- Quote from: EchoMirage on December 18, 2013, 04:03:37 AM ---Shouldn't you be GMing Bleak Wood, instead of starting new games? :D
Wink wink nudge nudge?

I'd love to play a game of yours, but would also like to continue playing it.

--- End quote ---

Is it so? Awesome!
Well then, I'd love to play in this mage game of yours, then. I even got a beautiful tragic character idea ever so slightly hinting at Ladyhawke.

The character is two - two lovers, joined, for as she died in his arms, he welcomed her soul, but separated, as the one life they share is his from dawn to dusk, and hers while the sun's gone, their souls seeing through the same eyes, but unable to talk to each other, one always just a mute observer in the other life.

Yes, there's some boy <-> girl shapeshifting involved, and the two should better have an adaptable set of clothes (yay, magic!).
The character would have two different stat sets.

You like?

Ancient Gamer:
The game is epic level, so your character is quite possible.

There are a questions that arise:
- When do these lovers-in-one sleep? Sounds like he/she would have a disrupted sleep pattern?

Hmmm... I think I will rule that this character falls in a magical slumber for an hour at dusk and dawn. It is during this sleep that the transformation occurs. Fall asleep as a guy, wake up as a girl.

Also: Experience points earned as a male belongs to that male. The same way for the female. You will basically have two epic skillsets then, but you cannot choose when to use what. It is the cycle of the day that determines that.

Shapechanging. Okay, but then I want the male part of the duo to be an Enchanter or perhaps a Conjuror. Epic level characters are MORE than your run of the mill characters, however, and such a mage would have to have some field of expertise that he is unparallelled in. Like the mentioned members of the Circle above. Some defining trait, other than just being an Enchanter or Conjuror.

His study in the Circle would then be in the same direction of magic as before. He might even have arrived at a later stage.

The female you can make whatever you want out of. She can be a warrior or thief or whatever you want.

Other than that you can choose from the  following races and species (They do not have to belong to the same ethnical group): Races and species coming up in the post below.


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