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Siren no Orakio:
"Young ones - winter comes. Winter comes, and a great noise came from the home of the gentle goddess two nights ago. Since then, there has been no food, no water. Though it gives me sorrow, I must send you out into the world. You know how to hunt. You know how to find shelter. These, we have taught you. Now is the time for you to live or die on your own. You are no longer kittens, but cats full grown..."

And so, at the order of Dark-eye, the scarred matron of your colony, you are cast out of the foam and hay shelters you have known all your short lives, out into the wilderness of the realm of men, to walk your own way.

You come from a colony of feral cats: You have only rarely known the touch of a human, the gentle goddess that gives food and water, who created winter shelters for your colony. But now, she has stopped coming, that food and water has vanished, and you have gone out into the world to make your way, to find a way to live in the city.

To make a cat:
Choose a name and coloration.
There are four stats:
Choose one to be high, or two to be high, and one to be low. Stronger and Tougher cats are larger than weaker, frailer cats.
These stats will be used to weigh the success or failure of a d100 roll when chance is called for in a story. That said: Even the largest, cussedest tom will lose an outright tug of war with a pitbull.

Roll 1d100, tell me what you rolled - This will determine if you are polydactyl, and the degree of dexterity that you have with any thumbs that you may have.

There is no gear. You're cats. There won't be formal skills unless I have to really put my foot down. You can all hunt, move silently at will under most conditions, hide, and reasonably, just about anything else a cat might do.

Language and communication: You can talk to all other domestic cats with normal understanding. You can communicate with true wild cats and great cats, although this is difficult - Much as a modern English reader /can/ read Chaucer in the original tongue, it is fraught with lost "words", sound drifts, false cognates, and general lingustic drift, and the further away it is on the tree of life, the harder it is to comprehend. You are also capable of communicating with other domesticated animals in a kind of low level pidgin; this is the stamp of humanity upon your genes. You may even understand a small number of human words, though you certainly cannot speak them, and are completely illiterate.

Old Tom

A fat grey striped one-eyed godfather of a cat.

Strength H
Durability A
Quickness L
Cunning H

(19:23:04) Minion: Gossamer rolls 1d100 and gets 91.
(19:25:45) Siren_no_Orakio: You are polydactyl - You have opposable thumbs. You are, of course, limited to feline levels of dexterity, but you do have a better grip than the 'normal' cat.

The former leader of the colony, now disgraced, yet still held in high regards by those brave enough to defy Dark-eye. The one eared Terrier from six blocks over knows all too well about his ferocity. They say even foxes thread lightly when his name is whispered.
More to come later.

Name: Mangle (Or Mangled-Dasher-Deformed-By-Two-Legs-With-A-Mind-That-Buzzes-Like-The-Fly for short.)

Mangy Stray of mixed blood.

Strength L
Durability A
Quickness H
Cunning A

Life as a stray was especially tough on Mangle, as when he was but a kitten, he was more trusting of the great two-legs, especially as some gave him food and attention. This turned against him though, when he tried to vie for the attention of one odd-smelling (alcohol) two-leg who was stumbling in the alley. Upon going up to him, the two-leg gave him a massive boot, sending him face first into a brick wall. Mangle has never quite been the same since that incident, and along with a fear and mistrust of most two-legs, he has become 'sick' in the brain, causing him to communicate and rationalize strangely, doing odd things and expressing the wrong emotion at the wrong things. He is a simple sort, easily ordered, yet difficult to control as his mind wanders.

Unlike the Old Tom, he had a strong bond with Dark-Eye, and took it quite hard when told to go forth on his own, but following directions, out he went. Sometimes he forgets that she sent them away, and talks as though Dark-Eye will be there waiting for them whenever they get back from their adventures. Mangle finds taking anything seriously hard to do, an has a kitten-like innocence that gets him into trouble a lot. The only exception is when in the presence of the two-legs, where he becomes serious and fearful, and appears to regain some clarity - as he has not forgotten the incident.

So. Scared of Humans. TERRIFIED of humans + the stink of booze combined. Simple minded. Gets up to mischief

Siren_no_Orakio: I'm going to give you the boon.. and bane.. of pain insensitivity. You can feel major, major hurts, but everything else just rolls off without you noticing it. This is good in that you can pretty much keep on trucking till you're out of luck completely, this is bad in that pain is usually a warning.

Siren no Orakio:
Welp, if this is what we got, this is what we got. Will try to put the first post up tonight. :)

So Old Tom was the former colony leader: was he sent out at the same time as the rest of us, or earlier? And if earlier, does Mangle know him/of him?


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