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Ancient Gamer:

Now that is how its done!!

That beats leaving obvious tracks and rummaging around like a demented grandma! (like some agencies are wont to do)

Ancient Gamer:
Down with the flu. Might as well do something fun, so I bought the post apocalyptical game The Last of Us. Feels like the Walking Dead, only so much better!

Ancient Gamer:
Finished playing "The Last of Us".

It was an utterly exciting and well spent time, though it only lasted three days (five days for regular folk, who doesn't give up on life and become a drooling gamer zombie)

This one goes out to all of you, especially Scrasamax: Play this game!

Some nice images from the game, to try to explain the overall mood:

Actually Last of Us is on the short list of games I would like to play. I've read up on it, and it looks pretty awesome

That looks awesome. Watched a couple videos on it. Wish I had the flu! :(


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