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Fly me to the Moon!


Ancient Gamer:
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On jupiter and mars

In other words: Please help me :)

I am creating v1.0 of the Strolen's Citadel PbP App.

At this very moment I am creating the dice roll dynamics. You know, the buttons, saving the throws and notifying the GM.

In my head, this is how it will be:

First run (APP):
1. You open the app
2. You are told to register for PbP on Strolen's, and asked for your PbP Id number.
3. As number 2, on second run below.

A lot of the magic happens on Strolen's, where you have to:
1. Either create a new PbP or join an existign one
2. Choose whether you are a player or a GM in the game
3. Can do all the stuff you can do in the app, plus the above

Second run plus (APP):
1. You open the app
2. You select which game
3. You can either:
a) Roll dice (the GM is informed at once)
b) Ask questions of the GM or other players (the one you ask is notified at once)

Of course, everything you do is visible when you are logged onto Strolen's.

Passively (APP)
1. Instant Notifications about dice rolled (GM only)
2. Instant Party notifications (Everyone)
3. Instant Private message notifications (Everyone)
4. Instant notifications about GM rolls against you.

Ancient Gamer:
But what would YOU guys like to see?

Is this okay?

Do you miss anything?

Fire at will!

Dice rolls should probably have a "notes" field, for stating what the roll is for. That way you can specify targets for attack rolls, etc.

Ancient Gamer:
yeah, but knowing people they will Probably want ease of use, so notes will be optional


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