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Subaccounts Quick Tutorial


Features of this mod:
Login as parent account only
Create, Delete, Merge, Split subaccounts from a parent account
Turn existing accounts into subaccounts
Set an subaccount to the parent account
Show subaccounts on user's profiles
New search mode: search all subaccounts of the user
Dual post counts on parent profile (Parent only, and Parent + SubAccounts)
Post and edit as parent or any subaccount
Because each subaccount is really just another member on the board, they have their own post groups, and user groups if desired

In a nutshell, you can view your profile and create a subaccount as your RP Character. Then when you post in the threads, you will post as that person. You create, modify and delete subaccounts in your forum profile. There is a link in the left menu to "Manage Subaccounts".

You can change the sitewide profile by using the dropdown in the top header of all the pages


You can post as any subaccount profile when you submit a post by using the dropdown next to the submit button.

If you post as the wrong profile, you will have to copy and paste it to a new post and delete the one on the wrong account.

Let me know if there are any issues with it by replying here!

That sounds pretty cool, but this part;

--- Quote ---Create, Delete, Merge, Split subaccounts from a parent account
--- End quote ---

There's no risk of accidentally deleting the parent account then?

Nope. All those magic buttons control the subaccounts only.

I have two of these bad boys!!

FifthHorseman and Badblood Kiph

Not sure why I just posted here  :P

Ardhalas the Fallen:
My subaccounts just spew unfunny gibberish!

I suspect a virus!


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