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Tattoo Quest Finalists!


Here are your 3 finalists for the Tattoo Quest competition!

valadaar for 10 Magic Tattoos
Gossamer for Augmented Disposition Tattoos
Scrasamax for Trace On System

Congrats to all who submitted!

And may the best sub win!

Vote now, vote proud, vote loud!

Don't vote for yourself.

We need more votes!!

Yeah really, I don't want my vote to knock me out of winning dammit!

And we have a winner!!

The undisputed Tattoo Quest champion is Gossamer!! For Augmented Disposition Tattoos

Congrats to Gossamer and all who entered this Quest!!


Aaaaand I realize I never voted. Haven't read Scras's one yet, Christmas happened and I took a vacation from voting. But I see my vote wouldn't have mattered, so...That's good? Anyways, I'm VERY surprised to have won over these Citadelian giants. Good fun, though I almost feel like apologizing. :P Thank you!


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