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Right, basing it off of 3.5 possibly but with some additions.

Foresight - A very important trait for a ruler. If a disaster happens, you roll using your foresight to see if you were provident enough to prepare for it beforehand, lessening or negating the negative impacts.
Wealth - Self explanatory, Money, Connections, holdings.
Comeliness - How good your character looks, not neccesarily super important, but nobles can be a shallow lot.

Many stats tie into the different social classes of the populace. For instance, nobles like Int, Cha, Com, Wealth and Dex, while the clergy likes Wis, Int, Cha and Foresight.

Reputation - What people from far and wide say about you and your rule.
Renown - What the locals think about your actions.
Presence - Very important when meeting with dignitaries and the like, Presence relies on either Com, Cha, Con, Str or Wealth.


More to come later.

Scandals 1d4

Relations with Other Player(s)

A is cousins with B
A knows one of B's secrets
B owes A Money
B owes A millitary assistance
B is allied with A
B is the mortal enemy of C
B is feuding with C
B is friends with A
B is an inlaw to A
Create B's spouse
A is B's uncle/aunt
B gets +1 Scandal

When choosing a relation, A refers to yourself. B and C refers to two other players. Each relation can only be chosen once.

Councilors and Spouses

There are three kinds of councilors;
-Truthful (Double Edged Sword, Most Informative, potentially the most loyal but also dangerously tied to the people)
-Yesmen (Cowards, less information, less chance of scheming)
-Wise (Schemers, Most valuable advice, possibly skewed information)

A Council will be made up of a random percentage of all three, but you can choose which faction is biggest and most favoured.

You can have a spouse chosen for you, roll for one randomly (2d6), or choose one out of the most important feat and the least important feat.
-Status (Beauty etc)


Do you have the time? No but I have PLACEHOLDER!


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