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Dreams & Nightmares


A few nights ago I had a dream, I was in London(I have never been to London), sitting on one of a row of thrones situated on a rooftop. It was a very detailed dream, I could see the chimneys and architectural stuff on buildings, I could even see the Tower of London, I knew that's what it was, even looking back, it looked nothing like it.

To my left sat a guy, black fluffy hair with a full beard and buggy eyes, clad in a red uniform, like an admiral or something out of a steampunk setting. I started talking with him, I said I liked London, because of the harmonious congruity(all the houses went in the same reddish brick theme). I don't remember what he said, but he mentioned a city in Sweden. So I asked him if he was from there. I think he replied something along the lines of, the question is why are we from? Or something cryptic like that, it made me frown.

Then all of a sudden I was inside a restaurant, it was packed, and I met a waitress, so I swerved to the right, but she swerved to the left, seeing as they drive on the wrong side of the road over there. Then I reached the streets and that's all I remember.


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