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Tomorrow is my birthday. Much more important, however: today marks the end of my third year here at the Citadel. With the fourth year just around the corner, I feel I should make some New Strolenyear resolutions for myself:

* Write up a series of subs coherent enough to be compiled into a sourcebook (a detailed plot, setting, bestiary, or something similar.)
* Start a fiction blog and post to it at least twice weekly (not strictly something for the Citadel, but I'm including it here anyway.)
* Clear out my in-work (I know there's only a couple subs there, but 30 settings is going to kill me :P)
* Fully participate in a game (forum or chat based.)
* Write a sub for every Quest.
* Use every Friday Freetext in subs.
* Write part 3 of the pumpkin quest series, relating how I dealt with being a corpse.
* Read and comment on at least 5 subs per week (added 2015-01-06)I will set a reminder for myself for a year from now and see how well I've done against this list. In the meantime, I must decide what kinds of rewards/punishments are appropriate for success and/or failure.

Nice resolutions


So far I seem to be falling short of... well, all of it. And not that many months to go (3?). I refuse to give up, though, and I hereby restate my intent to do at least some of the above.

Step one? Write some Quest subs. First up: What Makes a Weapon Magic.

Real life, and personal issues have a way of dealing with the goals we set.  :dizzy:


You just have to keep getting back up, and trying again. :mace:


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