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Ancient Gamer:
Angus Justice
"It tickles, Angus", Wionna moaned, and Angus looked up between the thighs of the redheaded female mechanic. She wasn't the prettiest aboard the Copernicus, that honor was the Doctor's, but Angus had always liked the blunt redhead and her playful antics. "Lie still, d**nit!", he said and placed one hand on each hip and pinched the girl playfully. Wionna wriggled, but kept still and with studied precision Angus put his nose just beneath her belly button and inhaled, moving it ever closer to her private parts.

"Your turn", he said and flipped her around until she stood on her knees with her face buried in a pillow. "One more... Just one more". Wionna arranged a stripe on the nightstand just as Angus did his thing. Cocaine and Cyalis. It had always worked wonders for him, and for half an hour, Wionna could be heard all the way down to the mess hall.

"Angus Justice, please report to the hangar bay. Please take your belongings with you.". The voice was cold and lifeless, and a shudder went down his spine. It was one of the masters, a scientist he had never heard before, but given that just 11 servants remained on the orbital station, it had to be one of the scientists. He knew how everyone else sounded.

"Angus... Have you done something wrong?", Wionna's voice was full of fear and her words stayed with him as he made his way to the hangar.

Had he done something wrong?

Ancient Gamer:
Mortimer Lucrum
"How long until we run out?", the voice was cold and calculating and sounded as if it belonged to an older man. Mortimer was careful not to breathe too deeply, and put his toes down with the grace of a cat on the hunt. 

"45 days. Without the servants, more like 60", a husky female voice replied. Mortimer could see their reflection now as it played upon the surface of a steel cabinet. The male was indeed old, wearing a white coat and carrying an assault rifle casually in his hands. The woman seemed young, her long blonde hair in a ponytail. She wore a black blouse and mini-skirt, the red of her louboutins showing in the reflection.

The old man paused for a minute, then spoke again, dwelling on each sentence. "The new directives will deal with that situation. Have you selected which of the servants that will do this thing for us?"

"Yes. The Doctor have accumulated a list of suitable candidates, sir. We have also scanned the surface of the northern hemisphere for a few months now. We have a few dozen key locations that might have what we search for. We have also identified fifty or so technologically advanced hubs of civilization. The one I've picked is perfect for this deal"

"And are you sure they can be trusted?", the old man said doubtfully.

"I am not sure of anything. These Kildrasa operate out of old Amsterdam, and they have an impressive array of technological toys. They are likely to have what we look for. If they will honor the deal, well... I just don't know", her voice was grave, but Mortimer could see that she held the old man's hands in hers, their eyes locked.

"Mortimer Lucrum, please report to hangar bay. Please report to hangar bay. Take your belongings with you".

He was visibly startled, but remained calm. Within a few seconds he was running silently down the hallway, heading for the barracks. Whatever this was about, he better be quick. The masters expected nothing less than perfection of their servitude.

Ancient Gamer:
Phil Marion and Doc Katherine
"Do you understand your orders... Captain?"

Captain Phil Marion and the First Doctor of the Copernicus stood side by side, facing the 120 inch monitor.

The Captain was an impressive man, barrel chested and full of bulging muscles. His dark gray Captain's uniform enhanced the tones of his muscular body. He looked truly imperious, a vision of military might.

"Yes, master! I shall follow your orders to the letter. Enter the ruins of old Amsterdam, locate the power source, secure the artifact!"

The trio of scientists displayed on screen nodded simultanously in satisfaction. One of them even licked his lips, then rubbed his hands together.

"And Doctor, are you confident you selected the best crew for this?"

The beautiful female doctor stood silent and deadly, casting an icy sidelong glance at the Captain by her side.

"Yes Master. I have selected each party member for their qualities. I assure you, there are none more suited than these"

"Excellent! Most excellent, Doctor! And remember, once you have the power source, remember to take notes of storage areas, particularly those who look like they store food. We need resources, and as soon as the... power source is located, we need those. As a matter of fact, please run a live report to us about whatever you find as you scout the ruins!"

The Captain and his Doctor turned around just as the screen shut down. They looked briefly at each other, then started walking towards Hangar Bay.

Ancient Gamer:
Rebecca Manson


The hydraulic sounds of the Stavros exoskeleton had never bothered her. Rather those were the songs of her subconscious.


She bent down and picked up a 250 kilo crate from the floor. When she "had her Stavros on", nothing could stop her and with her usual precision she carried the crate down to Hangar Bay. She settled into a noisy jog, the hydraulics sounding like some steam dragon as she sprinted at high speed, the crate held in front, the bottom of the crate just above eye level.


She remembered him. He never told her his name, but she remembered his his cold, lifeless eyes. She remembered him as he led her mother into the next room. HISSSSSSSSSSS! Her mother screaming one last time in her head. One last message from the mother who had sung the headsong her entire childhood. "Run Becka! Run! They mean to kill you! They just killed me! I was told I was being promoted, and they shoved me into an airlock. Becka... Ru...", and with that, Rebecca felt her bond with her mother dissolve.


Rebecca flexed her muscles, the skin sensors picking up the sudden motion and with a thud, the crateful of spacesuits was dumped just outside the cargo doors of the USF MS Bradley.

"What will they do now, Rebecca?"

It was her mother speaking. Yet Rebecca knew it wasn't her mother, rather an echo still residing in her mind. The echo of a mother long lost.
The tall, athletic woman stepped out of the mecha exoskeleton and used a crowbar to pry the crate open. 9 space suits. Standard issue for a Pietini Class Space Shuttle.

She studied them. She knew what they were. The would be masters. Tormentors. Captors. Murderers.

"Won't you follow your mother girl?". The man with the cold eyes were talking to the guard who had escorted them. Rebecca didn't know how she did it. She had never done it before. Her mother had, and had sung in her head about what she could do. What Rebecca one day would be able to do.
Now the soldier who thought he was a little girl walked into the airlock.


"Follow me, soldier. You have done well today"

Beside him little Rebecca was crying, but followed obediently. Of course he never saw that. He saw a stone faced soldier, following orders.


She was wiping her tears as the others came rushing to the shuttle.

Mortimer was first, obviously distressed. She didn't know why. The shuttle pilot was always out scouting the station. Perhaps he had gotten himself into trouble.
Then came the Captain. Captain Marion. Phil Marion. Rebecca knew he was strong. She was not certain who would win, if it came down to her in the mecha suit, the Captain with just his augmentations. He was that strong. Luckily, his mind proved a feeble thing, and he never bothered her.

At his heels a puffy faced Angus Justice and perfect Katherine, the onboard Doctor. None of them paid her any heed, just walked on by as she sat with her backpack, counting bullets and checking her motion sensor once again.


The doors to the passenger bay closed and Rebecca left her items in her locker, then entered the cockpit and sat down beside Mortimer, just as the first pilot gently eased the shuttle into the air.

For a few seconds the shuttle was suspended in mid-air, as the red flashing of emergency lights painted the hangar red.
Then the hangar doors opened, and USF MS Bradley gently flew into space, Mortimer's experienced hands expertly handling the cyclic stick.

Ancient Gamer:
They heard the thunder of the rocket engines as the shuttle gently thrust into the air.


Captain Phil was in ecstacy, and with a slam he pressed the intercom beside the seat in which he was strapped.

"Our orders are clear, folks! Our generous lords wants us down in the ruins of Earth. Set course for 52.36407 by 4.907398, Mortimer! I want to touch down asap zulu!"

You are now spaceborn, on your way to ruined earth. For those who wonder, the coordinates is to the suburbs of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Zuid (South) to be precise. Unless you got some old earth map asperger skill, only Captain Phil and Doctor Katherine knows you are actually heading for old Amsterdam. Unfortunately they only Amsterdam by name, that is was supposed to be a bigger city of the Ancients.

I need to know what your characters are doing. Mortimer and Rebecca are strapped into the cockpit, while the rest of you probably are strapped into your seats in passenger bay. It is also possible to have a gunner in the Gunner's Nest.


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