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Ancient Gamer:
I am gonna use a basic subset of the skillbased Call of Cthulhu for this one, along with Murometz excellent Fate Points, used in exactly the same way as he uses them in Isle of Woe.

Meaning: You get Fate Points (FP) based on your PbP performance. You all start with 1 FP, and these FP can be traded in for a... SKILL INCREASE or a re-roll.  Any re-roll.

A Skill increase adds 1d10+4 points to your skill. Each skill runs from 0 (guaranteed failure) to 120 (Perfect).


--- Quote ---The chance of success is based on a 1d100 roll, and the PC needs to get below his/hers skill to succeed. Meaning a Soldier with 25 skill points in small guns needs to roll a 25 or less to hit something.

Based on difficulty, a skill check can be improved or decreased. For instance, if the PC tries to shoot a glass flask from the head of villagers some 600 feet away, the GM probably will introduce a hefty decrease. Perhaps -20, leaving a 5% chance of success. On the other hand, if the PC snuck up on a raider and slowly trains his gun on the unsuspecting raider's back, the chance of success might be improved, say 20%, leaving a 45% chance of success.
--- End quote ---

These are your stats:
Roll three times, keep the best.

Physique 4d6, remove one die (3= Horribly obese, 10= thin, 18= Bodybuilder)
Physique affects endurance, melee damage, big guns, and other thing associated with strength, like carrying capacity.
3-6 =
-1d4 damage
8 Hit Points
-10 Big Guns
-10 Close Combat
-10 Survival

7-12 =
0 damage
12 Hit Points
0 Big Guns
0 Close Combat
0 Survival

+1d4 damage
16 Hit Points
+10 Big Guns
+10 Close Combat
+10 Survival

+1d6 damage
20 Hit Points
+15 Big Guns
+15 Close Combat
+15 Survival

Agility 4d6, remove one die (3= Fibromyalgia, 18= Elite Gymnast)
3-6 =
Movement 2
Initiative +2
-10 Thief
-10 Small Guns
-10 Pilot

7-12 =
Movement 3
Initiative 0
+-0 Thief
+-0 Small Guns
+-0 Pilot

Movement 4
Initiative -2
+10 Thief
+10 Small Guns
+10 Pilot

Movement 5
Initiative -3
+15 Thief
+15 Small Guns
+15 Pilot

Intellect & Will 4d6, remove one die (3= Farm Animal, 18= Indomitable Genius)
3-6 =
-10 Science
-10 Mechanical
-10 Medical

7-12 =
0 Science
0 Mechanical
0 Medical

+10 Science
+10 Mechanical
+10 Medical

+15 Science
+15 Mechanical
+15 Medical

Charm & Looks 4d6, remove one die (3= Inbred degenerate, 18= Don Juan)
3-6 =
-10 Communcation

7-12 =
0 Communcation

+10 Communcation

+15 Communcation

Senses 6d20, remove one die (0= Blind & Deaf, 100= Supernatural Senses)
1d100 is rolled against senses for trap detection, noticing concealed doors, avoiding surprise, detecting an ambush, listening in on a conversation through a door, etc.

(Players start with 100 points to distribute on these skills. Max skill = 120)
Small Guns: Base 20, governs the use of pistols, shotguns, submachineguns, plasma rifles, sniper rifles and assault rifles

Big Guns: Base 5, governs the use of mounted turrets, bazookas, missile launchers, grenade launchers and mortars.

Close Combat: Base 25, governs boxing, headbutting, swordplay and throwing of objects of any kind.

Pilot: Base 5, governs the piloting of cars, motorcycles, planes, trucks, mechas and space craft.

Science: Base 0, governs all use of computers, all kind of scientific lore. Must choose 1 focus area (e.g. computers, physics, space, chemistry, genetic engineering, etc. Focus area is +25 to base skill. Must allot at least 10 points to get a focus areae).

Medical: Base 5, governs all sorts of medical healing, poison treatment, surgery, etc.

Survival: Base 5, governs swimming, riding, animal tracking, plant & mineral knowledge (practical), etc.

Mechanical: Base 0, governs weapon maintenance, mechanic skill, engine diagnostics, etc.

Thief: Base 10, governs sneak, hide, climb, pickpocket, disarm traps, cheating, etc.

Communication: Base 20, governs bartering, social interaction.


--- Quote ---EchoMirage decides to spend 20 points on Small Guns. The Base for small guns is 20, so the final skill will be 40. Echo's character will now have 40 Small Gun skill, meaning he has to roll below 40 to hit something with his 38 caliber Colt. EchoMirage still has 80 points to spend on his character.
--- End quote ---

Ancient Gamer:
Starting Perks
You have 3 perk points to spend. Some perks cost one, some two, others 3.
If you choose to have a dark side, you get +1 perk points.

1 Point Perks
Genetic Mutation - Gills
Genetic Mutation - Lizard Scaled Skin (+1 Armor Point)
Alert  (Sleeps lightly, nearly impossible to surprise while awake)
Lightning Reflexes (-3 to initiative)
Wealthy - Starts with: Bullet proof vest (+8 Armor Points on torso), Two barrel 12 gauge shotgun, 48 x 12-gauge shotgun shells, Advanced Mobile Phone

2 Point Perks
Genetic Mutation - Chameleon Skin. (Hide Checks maxed out at 120 skill points, regardless of thief skill. Requires little or no clothing)
Body Implant - Leg Enhancements (Movement Rate + 3. Jump as high as movement rate in meters.)
Body Implant - Arm Enhancements (+4 to damage rolls in Close Combat)
Psionically Gifted - Premonition (Once a day the PC can roll twice and choose the best roll)

3 Point Perks
Psionically Gifted - Telepathy. (Thought transfer, create delusions and illusions in others minds, mind domination) Governed by Intellect.
Psionically Gifted - Telekinesis. (Lifting objects, lifting PCs, opening doors, battering force, force field) Governed by Intellect.
Brain Implant - Projectile Path Calculation Matrix (PPCM, Increases Big Guns and Small Guns by +25 points, gives a unique 25% chance to dodge incoming bullets)
Body Implant - Cyborg Sub-Skin Armor mk. III (+6 Armor Points, "invisible" armor, permanent, covers everything)

Notice that player invented perks are allowed, but must be cleared through a PM beforehand.

Dark Sides (Optional)
Anger Management Issues
Rude & Insensitive
Sex Addict
Compulsive Liar
Attention Whore
Alpha Male / Alpha &^%$@
Extreme Greed
Extreme Glutton

Ancient Gamer:
Hit Points:
Hit Points are permanent, and can only be increased through increasing Physique, or through the use of body implants that increase your physique.

Armor Points:
Armor Points subtract from damage done. So, if you wear a bullet proof vest and are shot in the chest for 9 damage, you are gonna subtract 8 damage first, for a total of 1 damage that went through the vest. Notice that it is possible to be shot in areas where you don't have a vest. The GM rolls 1d20 for hit location, and uses the same hit location table as is used in Rune Quest.

Damage Done:
Different weapons have different damage types. Damage done samples below:
Uzi: 1d10 per bullet
Shotgun: 4d6 at point blank range
Assault Rifle: 2d6+2 per bullet
Grenade: 4d6 in 4 meter blast radius

Full Combat Armor, as used by SWAT and similar, gives 12 Points of armor. A Uzi would be useless against that kind of enemy. A Shotgun, on the other hand, would probably leave a mark.

An unarmored PC hit by a hail of Uzi Bullets (32 bullets, 50% miss automatically = 16 bullets = 16d10), will almost certainly perish.
Had the same PC worn a bulletproof vest, each d10 would have had a -8 modifier, and his chance of survival would have skyrocketed.

Ballistic Shields give 12 Armor Points.

The Savages of the Wasteland don't have overly much in the way of advanced weaponry.
Or so say the Scientists of the Copernicus Space Observatory.

Ancient Gamer:
Angus Justice
Murometz game character

Physique 13 (Toned muscles) +1d4 damage, 16 Hit Points, +10 Big Guns, +10 Close Combat, +10 Survival
Agility 10 (Ordinary) Movement 3, Initiative 0, 0 Thief, 0 Small Guns, 0 Pilot
Intellect & Will 14 (Strong Headed Wise Guy) +10 Science, +10 Mechanical, +10 Medical
Charm & Looks 14 (Prettyboy with charming smile) +10 Communcation
Senses 81 (Ultrakeen eyesight and hearing)

Small Guns 70, +5 for gunslinger perk! (75) (+10) 85, if flying with rocketpack (Adrenaline Junkie Perk)
Big Guns: 35 +5 for gunslinger perk! (40)
Close Combat: 35  (+10) 45, if flying with rocketpack (Adrenaline Junkie Perk)
Pilot: 15
Science  46 Focus Area Computers(71)
Medical 15
Survival 25
Mechanical 10
Thief 10
Communication 50

Angus was that one charming Space Station Guard, skilled with a firearm, but mostly solving problems by using his wits and charm. His character was also in charge of the automated security systems, so he is quite skilled with computers as well.

Angus has the psionic Premonition ability, allowing him to reroll one dice roll per day. He may also use it to reroll an enemy dice roll. Angus started off as wealthy and has lightning reflexes.

Dark Side: Angus used to be an addict (cocaine). He has since been able to move on and is now an adrenaline junkie instead. The addiction may well resurface later.
Perks: Wealthy, Lightning Reflexes, Premonition Ability, Gunslinger, Adrenalin Junkie (dark side as well)


In locker on Mary Sue:
Ballistic Shield
Nanite healing kit
4 flashbang grenades
2 incendiary grenades
2 lethal injections of potassium chloride
White security guard overall
A blue bullet proof vest
.38 Colt Revolver with a magazine of 6
18 .38 cal bullets each (1 shot/rd, 1d10 dam)

In Blue Sailor's Slingbag:
8 AK-1047 magazines (100x each)
2 smoke grenades
8 fragmentation grenades
A two barrel shotgun
30 shotgun cartridges

Worn Equipment:
Blue Sailor's Slingbag
Drakonov Assault Suit (donned)
Rocketpack (20 litres of gas / 5 gallons - Full tank, gives 2 hours of flying time)
AK-1047 Assault Rifle (3/100 shots/rd, 2d6+2 dam pr bullet)
Pre-war Sony Xperia Z51 Smartphone

Medical Evaluation

--- Quote ---Forename: Angus
Surname: Justice
Date of Birth: 230th day of orbit, 2912 AD

Physical Test Score: 7/9 - Excellent Health
IQ Score: 145
Sperm Count: Rich
Sexually Transmittable Diseases: None
Other Diseases: None
Prescription Drugs: Cyalis, Viagra, Oxycontin
Illegal Substances: Cocaine
Torture Test: 16 days until the subject broke down.

The patient is in excellent physical health, and shows high intelligence in random tests. Blood tests indicate elevated levels of alcohol and cocaine.
The patient's high level of ability could easily be negated by his severe addiction. Taking into consideration the safety of our personell, I therefore advise against him being elevated to the rank of Captain.

Our examination of the patient while in the "relaxation chamber" proved to be interesting. The patient paced around for a few minutes, until he hid in a corner and proceeded to inhalate a line of cocaine. The procedure repeated itself 45 minutes later. The subject's addiction makes him eligible to shadow operations, and he will likely prove to be easy to control given proper motivation.

When confronted with our model 2245 Sasha Grey Sexbot, the subject showed self confidence and charm. The sexbot graded the subject at 77%, noting that he showed increased performance likely due to an altered state of potency. Subject is considered eligible for infiltration missions, being assigned as a personal assistant to a citizen, as well as the breeding program.
Physical Notes:
The patient managed to bench press 200 lbs, while he managed 180 lbs in dead lift. He lasted 30 minutes in a simulated boxing fight, and has just enough muscular strength to be capable in close combat. The subject is eligible for guard duty.

Psychological Evaluation
In spite of his abuse of controlled substances, the subject proves to be adaptable and confident. He showed few signs of trauma during the questioning, and he lasted longer than any other while being tortured.

When confronted with implanted nightmares of his parents being murdered, the subject showed a normal response.
The subject proves to be easily motivated, and will likely follow any order as long as we feed him enough cocaine to keep going, but not enough to kill him.

Please consult the attached file "motivation_angus_justice.xlsx" for recommended daily dosage of cocaine.
--- End quote ---

Example character, I choose you!


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