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Orbital Station Copernicus One

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*sigh* Someone catch Mort so I don't have to waste more nanites. I'll settle for a Medical check if it's only 4 Points damage.

Ancient Gamer:
Katherine might give both Mortimer and Angus a medical check, seeing as how Angus got slashed by a G'Kraun oozing black blood.

He had a mask there, so his chances are good, but still. Might wanna check him up.


Which reminds me... New masks in the armory, Angus.

I participate in the skyflying thingie, but I keep very closely to the ship though. Skills Points distributed, CS updated.

Ancient Gamer:
Mary Sue not updated.
Fate Points not updated.

Ancient Gamer:
Fate Points Updated
Mary Sue Updated (new cargo manifest and repaired hull. Mary Sue overloaded with cargo and unable to exit the atmosphere, unless you dump something)
Angus Justice character sheet updated and rewritten from Example Character sheet to normal character sheet.


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