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Orbital Station Copernicus One

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Ancient Gamer:
Number of Residents:
20 Scientists aka Übermenschen / Intellectual Elite

Service Personell /Manual Labor /Servants:
1 Captain
1 Shuttle Pilot
2 Medical Doctors
4 Engineers aka Wrench Monkeys
3 Armed Guards

Engine Room
Gravity Room
Medbay (off limits to non-citizens)
Emergency Pods (off limits to non-citizens)
Mess Hall
Observatory (off limits to non-citizens)
Citizen Living Quarters (off limits to non-citizens)
Servant Living Quarters
Paradise Garden (off limits to non-citizens)
Citizen Latrines  (off limits to non-citizens) (Latrines available in living quarters too, but the citizen latrines are fancy latrines with artificial gravity and a view to outer space)

Notable Equipment:
2 Stavros-XI: Industrial Lifter Exoskeleton (Mecha Suit)
1 Pietini Class Space Shuttle (Name: "Mary Sue", Max Passengers inc. pilot: 9, Max Cargo (excl. passengers): 500kg, External Cabinet for Stavros Industrial Lifter (1), Max Range: Earth and Moon only)
Mechanical Workshop with an alarming shortage of shuttle spare parts

3 Tasers (Soldier Equipment)
9 Flashbang Grenades
3 Batons
3 Ballistic Shields
1 Motion Sensor

8 Nanite Healbot Injection Kits
1 DNA Rewrite Kit
223089 Grams of Citizen Chemicals aka Cocaine
Plenty of Surgical Equipment and Basic Equipment
1 Automated Doctoring Machine
1 Medical Body Scanner
82 Lethal Injections (Potassium chloride)

Citizen Quarters: (Not allowed for non-citizens (meaning player characters can't have this equipment)
9 Experimental Servantbots
22 Sexbots (9 male, 9 female, 4 Non-human)
12 Steyr-AUG Assault Rifles
2022 5.56×45mm NATO

Ancient Gamer:
When the Great War began, the Scientists of Orbital Station Copernicus One were busy studying the Horsehead Nebula, and therefore were unaware of earth's devastation until one week later. Locked inside their ivory tower, they had discovered a cluster of exciting exo-planets in the Nebula and had spent several days inside the state of the art observatory, marveling at the 3D projections of the different planets. Only when they had named them all after themselves and beloved ones, did the scientists eagerly initiate contact with earth to deliver the thrilling news. Unfortunately earth had been destroyed in the meantime, so, dismayed, the scientists had no one to acknowledge their greatest discovery.

A system of apartheid was introduced some 450 years ago, separating the lesser educated from the prime citizens of the space station. 398 years ago Prima Noctis was introduced, allowing any and all scientists one night with a servant bride before any marriage. Following a rapid decline in marriages, any citizen could have any servant at whim from 150 years ago. Battling the danger of inbreeding, the Birth Regulation Law created 50 years ago state that only licensed fetuses are allowed  to be born among the servants. In a lucky turn of events, the servant engineers were able to create the sentient sexbots some 18 years ago, reducing the rape of servants from a daily occurence to none. Unfortunately, the scientists began culling the servants (through the clever use of airlocks) shortly thereafter, and only essential personell have been retained.

Recently the food supply has been running critically low and the citizens are now forced to eat the same food as the servants.
This major crisis has forced Doctor Andrew van Holst, "Master of Nanotechnology and Explorer Extraordinaire of Orion", to order the servants to perform the first earth landing since the great war 800 years ago.

Ancient Gamer:
Gonna need a couple of Player Characters for Copernicus One.
The easily offended, overly religious and touchy touchies are not eligible to play.

PCs will be servant class characters, and the game will start as the PCs are heading away from the Space Station. So, not much chance of being abused and insulted except in the opening scenes.

For the morally conscious and those who react poorly to the setting:
The politics have been more than mirrored throughout history: Apartheid in South Africa, Prima Noctis in the medieval ages, anyone who has spent time at universities know of the better than thou attitude among scientists.

I just concocted it all into a cocktail I found amusing. Also, the Fallout vibe can probably be felt here, mirroring the citzens of Vault City.

So... If any want to play in a space shuttle crew of engineers, soldiers and doctors landing on a post apocalyptic earth, buckle up and we will play.

You are all most welcome, I am just making protective signs to ward off evil.

Echo reporting for duty.
Since the advent of the bots, the station is no fun anymore, let's get down to Earth again!

Well, i still have extremely fond memories of Bleakwood, so of course I'm in!!

(as soon as other rp winds down, which should be two weeks or so tops!)

Will begin pondering character anon!


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