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And one for good measure, placeholder.

Sample Character Sheet

Full Name ?
Alias ?
Geneology (Western European) - Basicly from which part of the world your ancestors hail, this part will only be important in time travel.
Age ?
Height ?+(Body ?)
Weight ?+(Muscle ?)
Role ? - A general description of what area of expertise your character holds, may perhaps add modifiers to certain skills/ability scores.
Missions 0 - Basicly level, determines how many skill points you start with.

Muscle 1d6
Body 1d6
Agility 1d8
Dexterity 1d10
Reflexes 1d8
Looks 1d8 ( 8 )

Intellect 1d10
Mind 1d6+2
Will 1d8+2
Charisma 1d10

Wounds 18 (Ref)
Strain 20 (Cha)
Critical Wounds:

Skills 55pts.
Driving 5+(Mind+Ref+Mus)
Hacking 15+(Int+Mind+Dex)
Firearm (Small, Handheld) 10+(Mus+Mind+Ref)
Perform 10+(Int+Cha+Mus)
Martial Arts (Judo) 10+(Mus+Ref+Mind)
Stealth 5+(Mus+Bod+Agi)


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