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Muscle - Muscle Memory and Strength
Body - Lung capacity, Health, fortitude (Possibly Static)
Agility - Speed, limberness, footwork
Looks - (Possibly static) 1-4 Ugly, 6 Homely, 8 Average, 10 Good Looking, 12+ Bomb-shell

Intellect - Retaining information, knowledge, memory
Mind - Insight, Perception, Analytics

Uses a Dice pool, assign one type of Dice for each ability.

You can replace any Dice with the following, if you pay the price.
1d12 Cost= 2d8 > 2d6
1d10 Cost= 2d6 > 2d4
1d8 Cost= 1d10 > 1d8

In addition, you get to add a +2 modifier to any two ability stats of your choice.

Static values are determined through the highest denominator of the Dice. For example, a d10 on Looks would be static 10 in Looks.

Possible further mechanics; Wounds, Critical Wounds and Strain.

Every single Ability can be temporarily or permanently lowered by Critical Wounds. For instance, a scar could lower Looks, head trauma could lower Mind or Intellect.


30 or 40+ Points to distribute at start of game.

Almost every Skill requires at least 3 Abilities and the Skill Rank, with some exceptions.


Shooting = Skill Rank + Muscle + Mind + Reflex

Any PC/Npc can Aid a skill check (If plausible/possible) with 1 extra abillity Dice.

List of Skills (Incomplete/WIP)

Class A
Name of Skill...M.Cost................................... ..........................Untrained
Neuro Science
Rocket Science
Witch/Witch Doctor

Class B
Name of Skill...M.Cost................................... ..........................Untrained
Acrobatics = SR+Muscle+Agi+(Ref/Dex/Mind/Will)
Driving = SR+Mind+Ref+Muscle (Possible exceptions for automatic transmissions)
.....Driving License (Item)
.....Handle Animal
Hacking = SR+Int+Mind+(Dex/Muscle)
Martial Arts = SR+Muscle+Ref+Mind
Melee Weapon(Type) = SR+Mus+Agi+Ref
.....???? (Additional skill may be needed depending on Weapon Type)
Medicine = SR+Int+Dex+Mind
.....First Aid

Class C
Name of Skill...M.Cost................................... ..........................Untrained
Brawl= SR+Muscle+Agi+Ref
Chemistry = Mind+Int+Dex
Cooking = SR+Mind+Int+Dex
Cool = SR+Cha+Looks+Mind
Deceit = SR+Mind+Int+Cha
Discipline = SR+Mind+Cha+Will
Electrician = SR+Mind+Int+Dex
Firearm(Type) = SR+Mind+Ref+Muscle
First Aid = SR+Mind+Int+Cha
Handle Animal = SR+Mind+Cha+Int/Body
Mathematics = SR+Int+Mind+Will
Mechanics = SR+Muscle+Int+(Mind/Dex)
Seduce = SR+Cha+Looks+(Muscle/Body/Agi/Mind/Will)
Stealth = SR+Muscle+Body+Agi
Survival = SR+Int+Mind+Muscle

Class D
Name of Skill...M.Cost................................... ..........................Untrained
Cooking (Microwave)

Class A Skills - Master or Top Profession skills, requires several B and C skills.
Class B Skills - Profession skills, requires several C skills or unlocking.
Class C Skills - Requires training.
Class D Skills - Untrained skills that anyone could perform without a roll unless your Int, Mind and/or Body are too low.
M.Cost - Minimum Cost to unlock the skill.
Untrained - Some A,B and C skills and all D skills can be performed untrained with added penalties to the roll. The higher the class, the higher the penalty for the roll. -10 for C, -20 for B and -30 for A.

Wounds and Strain

Wounds and Strain are both static values, determined by the following ability scores.

Wounds = 10 + Muscle/Body/Reflexes

Strain = 10 + Mind/Will/Charisma

I'm thinking these values will be permanent, so once you have chosen which stat to add to it, then that is your permanent wound/strain threshold, it will not become larger with time/experience.

When you exceed your Wounds/Strain threshold, you become incapacitated and any damage done towards you in that state is lethal.

If you were to take damage in the form of wounds, it may be possible to take the double(3x?) amount in strain instead. (Pending).

Using a Melee weapon almost always accumulates Strain.

You accumulate Wounds through physical damage, cuts, gunshot wounds, bites etc.
You accumulate Strain through mental exertion,  extreme pain and stress, at any time you carry out an action you may choose to add Strain in order to increase the likelyhood of success. For instance, if you're driving a car and have gotten into a tail-spin, you may strain yourself in order to more easily regain control of the vehicle. There are of course exceptions to this, sometimes no matter how hard you strain yourself you cannot do a better job than if you didn't strain yourself.

Recovery and Rest

At the end of a combat or challenge situation, Strain can be recovered with a Cool or Discipline skill roll or a Body or Will ability roll, whichever is higher.

One Good night's sleep will generally restore all your accumulated Strain and 1 Wound.

Other skills such as Medicine and First Aid can also restore Wounds.
First Aid = 1d4 Wounds restored per 10 Skill Ranks (Requires Med Kit)
Medicine = 1d6 Wounds restored per 10 Skill Ranks (Requires Med Kit)
Surgery = 1d6 Wounds restored per 5 Skill Ranks (Requires Sewing Kit & A Sharp Blade, benefits from Med Kit)


During your turn you normally have the time/ability to perform two activities. You get two Actions, you can switch out an action for another maneuver if you're so inclined, or strain yourself to get an extra maneuver. But you can only use two maneuvers per round.

Action - Used for attacking, performing skill checks etc.

Maneuver - Moving, drawing a weapon, dropping prone, standing up, aiming, taking a guarding stance etc.

(Same as a standard and move action).


Engaged - Adjacent to object/person/thing. A requirement for use of melee weapons, martial arts and brawling. In order to interact with most objects you need to be engaged with it.

Short Range - Several meters apart. Handguns, shotguns and thrown weapons work best at this distance. Two people at short range can talk normally without raising their voice. Moving to another spot within short range is usually easy to do and generally only requires one maneuver.

Medium Range - Up to several dozen meters apart. Sub machine guns work best at this range. Two people at medium range need to talk loudly in order to hear eachother. Moving from short to medium range takes little exertion, and generally requires one maneuver.

Long Range - Further than a few dozen meters apart. Rifles, mounted weapons and gunnery type weapons work best at this range. Two people in long range needs to yell loudly in order to hear eachother. Moving from medium to long range requires two maneuvers.

Extreme Range - The farthest range at which two targets can interact. Sniper rifles and other specialized weapons may reach out to this range. Two people at extreme range may not hear each other even if they shout. Moving between long and extreme range can be time consuming and exerting, and requires two maneuvers.

Weapon types benefit or sometimes require certain distances to operate as intended. Melee weapons all need to be used in Engaged range, unless used as an improvised thrown weapon. All fire arms can be used as improvised melee weapons, but tend to be prone to breaking, extra equipment such as bayonettes can overcome this on certain weapons.

Types of Damage
Melee (Slashing, Piercing, Bludgeoning, it don't matter. A sword's blade can slash you, its tip can pierce you and its pommel bludgeon you)
Projectile (Bullets, Arrows etc)
Explosives (Grenades, Rockets and Missiles etc)
Beam (Lasers! peow! peow!)
Plasma (Energy based, hot stuff)

It's worth noting that some melee weapons use ammo, chainsaws, tasers, laser swords etc. And some rare firearms, do not! Anything explosive based though always uses ammo, usually just the 1 in the case of grenades.

DR - Damage Reduction

Clothes 0 DR



Baseball Bat (Metal)
Baseball Bat (Wood)
Cutlass (Short Sword)
Laser Sword
Short Sword

(One Handed)
44 Magnum
Colt M1911 (Handgun)
Colt Python (Revolver)
Desert Eagle
Laser Blaster
Plasma Gun
Smith & Wesson
Walther P99 (Handgun)

(Two Handed)
AK 47 (Assault Rifle)
Benelli M4 (Shotgun)
Composite Bow
Hunting Rifle
Laser Rifle
M16 (Assault Rifle)
Plasma Rifle
Sawed Off Shotgun
Short Bow
Sniper Rifle

Flash Bang
Missile Launcher
Rocket Launcher
Stun Grenade

Weapon Extra(s)
Grenade Launcher


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