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Sign the petition, spread the word around. F*ck Google+


What's a google? Do you eat it on toast?


--- Quote from: Strolen on November 12, 2013, 09:38:26 AM ---What's a google? Do you eat it on toast?

--- End quote ---

You see that verb and you think of toast? Breakfast at your house must get awkward.

Seriously though, Youtube is important to me, it's where I go to unload. And this new format is just awful and broken. So I'm willing to at least try and do something about it. If anyone else agrees and are willing to give their support, great.

(Sorry, dry humor tonight. ((get it...dry humor.....dry toast....baaahahahahhaha)). I amuse myself endlessly. My wife puts on headphones, you are stuck reading it.)

I am strictly a one way consumer of youtube. (did you know youtube and netflix are now 50% of internet traffic?) So I don't notice the changes except the buzz that the "comments are more relevant" now. But am not a consumer of comments, uploader of content or any of that. And I do have a G+ account so I am sold out.

However, I do NOT agree that you must convert your account to G+. That is exceedingly manipulative. They are winning the battle to own the interwebz because of moves like that.

It's not a terribly surprising move and I expect more like it. I remember reading a few months ago (don't remember the actual article) that basically said G+ is going to become the central point for Google's services (except search, maybe?) In fact there was some issue with Feedly changing their authentication from OAuth (normal Google) to G+. I understand they changed it back, but basically the future of Google for users is going to revolve around G+.

So buckle up, me hearties! G+ is plying the deeper waters of the interwebs and is out to plunder yer soul!


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