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[Since originally posting this, I got a player, then lost her when she decided the schedule didn't work for her after all.]

Hey all,

I run a weekly game over IRC which would love to have one more player. We used to have four, but lost our fourth due to depredations of the marauding Real World. If you might be free on Saturdays from 8pm to Midnight Eastern (GMT - 5 I think), read on.

The system is the One Roll Engine from Wild Talents 2nd Edition. It's easy to play, though a bit crunchy in the setup. System knowledge is a plus, but not required; I can help with character creation and sun. We play over IRC, so typing is important. Voice isn't an option; one of the players cannot speak.

Delta Factor is my setting, originally inspired by the Wild Cards series, influenced later by Aberrant. Players play once-ordinary people who are now Delta, humans with great power. The original focus was lower powered, with PCs mainly dealing with issues cause by the changes in the world. Over they years, the power curve has gotten steeper, and the stories are about much less common problems. Right now, the heroes are preparing to dismantle a huge conspiracy they been fighting for years.

The first Delta (that the world generally knows about) appeared on September 11, 2001. Jacob Richter, who would later be known as Polaris, was a successful but unassuming stock market analyst. In the fear and chaos of the attack that morning, Jacob expressed, gaining great power. He saved hundreds of lives, put out the fires, stopped the second jet, and then flew away to leave the world gasping for breath at what it had just witnessed.

He was first, and to this day remains one of the strongest, but he was far from last. Over the years more and more Deltas have expressed. Today (mid 2020) there are 1.2 million worldwide. A full one-fourth of those are in the US, a phenomenon which has caused a lot of speculation.

Until very recently, the vast majority of Deltas possessed little or no Power. The so-called "Class Zero" Deltas were little more than circus freaks, and Class One Deltas could do little more than simple parlor tricks. Those two classes made up 99% of the Delta population. But on July 4th, 2020, a huge wave of Delta energy swept the world. It caused new expressions in every Delta, which the world is still trying to figure out. (Current Game Date As of This Edit: September 17, 2020). The entire classification system will be redefined before long.

Play is centered on the United States. I and all my current and past players are from the US, and we play what we know. :) Several PCs live on the east coast, and a few more live on the west coast. A new character can be from pretty much anywhere, but he or she will be IN the U.S. for some reason.

There is a LOT of history, more than I could go into here. But a few of the more newsworthy highlights include:

* 9/11/2001 - First Delta Saves hundreds in NYC. A reporter dubs him Polaris, and the name sticks.
* April, 2006 - On live television, Polaris - the first Delta - is saved from an assassination attempt by several Deltas, including a real live Catgirl.
* December, 2006 -  Daniel Voltaire, one of the Delta who helped stop the assassination of Polaris earlier in the year, opens the Los Angeles Community Center for Deltas. Modeled on the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the center targets Deltas who have become increasingly marginalized.
* May 2007 - Quantum becomes the first Delta to don a costume and adopt a deliberate super identity.
* October 2007 - Quantum loses control and executes a Delta named Wilson "Warhammer" Brightman on live TV. Brightman had just murdered a police officer, and she visibly snapped, moments before crushing him under a three-ton bank vault door. A few days later, on the steps of City Hall, Quantum is shot while delivering a speech apologizing to the city. While she survives, the attack does reveal her secret identity. Quantum is in reality the 16 year old daughter of Daniel Voltaire.
* June 2009 - Across the US there are several attacks on known Deltas. Jacob "Polaris" Richter is buried alive in an explosion which kills three bystander. A plane Sarah Voltaire is in with her best friend is blown up. Sarah saves most of the passengers. Around this time Congressman Scot Hastings - the first Delta to be elected to congress - disappeared. He will never be found, and it is suspected he was a victim of the same violence.
* October 2009 - Newly moved to Greenwich Village, Sarah Voltaire gives an interview in which she reveals her powers are gone, though she declines to go into detail. She plans to make the most of life as a freshman at Columbia University.
* January 2010 - The Los Angeles Community Center for Deltas expands into a new facility thanks to a sizable anonymous donation.
* January 2013 - Katrina Yamato, a popular singer, outs herself as Delta when she saves a teenage boy who had somehow climbed the St. Louis arch. The blowback is severe, and nearly ruins her career amid accusations of Deltas "hiding" among normal people.
* August 2016 - A riot at Lompoc Federal Penitentiary - the only facility in the US able to contain most Delta criminals - results in several deaths and a few escapes before it is put down by a group of Deltas, including Katrina Yamato. The publicity helps relaunch her waning career, and her new album goes off the charts.
* Also in August, The Los Angeles Community Center for Deltas renames itself Delta House and opens centers in several cities, with plans for several more. Daniel Voltaire thanks several contributors for the assistance.
* Also in August, Lancaster Pharmaceuticals announces it will manufacture and and distribute the world's first working cure for Cancer. Based on research from a team working out of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Lancaster opens the research up to public scrutiny and challenges other companies to join them in helping to eradicate Cancer.
* March, 2017 - Daniel Voltaire, founder of Delta House, dies in San Francisco. His wife Constance accepts an appointment as Executive Director, and relocates the Headquarters to New York City.
* November, 2017 - The Black Friday Outbreak infects hundreds of Class Zero and Class One Deltas before spreading to their baseline relatives. Lancaster Pharmaceuticals creates and distributes a cure for free, but not before the illness - a strain of the flu - kills thousands.
* January 2018 - Several federal agents are murdered, and several well-known Deltas are implicated in the deaths, including Polaris, Katrina Yamato and Aeris "Catgirl" Lancaster. Evidence later clears them. An explosion levels most of NSA Headquarters.
* June, 2019 - Glowing violet meteors strike in Portland, Oregon, New York City, Death Valley, and a state park in Oklahoma. Dozens are injured, but Deltas on scene save many lives. Katrina Yamato, on set of her latest movie, is caught on film saving her costar.
* August, 2019 - Another meteor strike levels the capital building and several other buildings in Washington DC, as well as Dulles International Airport. An investigation concludes these were not real meteors, but terrestrial rocks somehow launched. A few days later US Forces capture a massive ship at sea and it's crew of North Koreans. The ship carried a mass driver capable of launching the rocks halfway around the world.
* February, 2020 - After months of investigation and attempts to gain answers from North Korea, the US is poised to go to war for the cowardly attacks. At the 11th hour, a team of Delta investigators discover proof that North Korea's government was not involved. The invasion is canceled.
* Also in February, one afternoon Every Delta Class Two and above on the eastern seaboard experiences a moment of blinding pain. A few days later every Delta on the eastern half of the US loses power for about two hours. A cause is never discovered.
* July 4th, 2020 - A vast surge of Delta Energy hits every Delta on the planet. Ths surge causes many to temporarily lose control. Casualties are thankfully minimal. The next morning, Every Class Zero and One on the planet discovers he's no longer a Class Zero or One. When the dust settles, the scale which rates Deltas will be completely redefined.
* September 11, 2020 - Quantum reappears during a riot between Deltas and a Baseline hate group. She single-handedly quells the riot, then asks news cameras, "Didja miss me?" However, Sarah Voltaire, the original Quantum, was serving customers in the coffee shop when all of this happened.
* September 17, 2020 - The past week has seen escalating violence between Delta and Baseline. Among the most major incidents, the leader of Purity was assassinated, then the HQ of Delta House was bombed, then a Delta entered the Westboro Baptist church and open fire with lasers from his fingers.
There's a lot more. But those are the ones which would have made national news, plus a few colorful tidbits.

Message me here or in private message is you're interested.



I'm bumping this with an edit for a bit more info. The new player I found in December decided the schedule wasn't for her, so I'm looking again.

As a recent addition to the fri night version of this game I figured I should toss some praise on it for those who are on the fence about joining.

Give it a go, you'll be glad you did, it's a lot of fun, and the kind of game you'll be thinking about after the sessions end and eager to get back to next week.  :thumbup:

So there is a thread here about this game! Ha!

Are you still looking to recruit players LS? Silvy did mention that the sessions take place through IRC chat so I'd need to get a new laptop sorted first.

Do you anticipate this game will run on for a while?

Hey Kass! So, here's the current situation...

When I first wrote the recruitment, I was recruiting for a quite long running game. We started in 2006. :) At the time, I anticipated we'd still be playing for a while; I had a new story in the works, etc...

HOWEVER, since then, partly due to troubles recruiting, partly due to thoughts of stagnation, the group and I decided to END the game, and replace it with something new. We had our final session last Saturday. Left a few loose ends, but that'll happen when you end sooner than expected. :P

One of my players has an idea and is taking the reins for a short game in the same world. After that, we will begin a new long term game, set a few years in the future in the same world. Because of some in-game events, there are more Deltas in the world now, and the game will have a slightly more comic-book feel.

BUT... One of my players rebelled, and demanded I continue. I had every other Friday free so we decided to run the old game every other Friday with just her, and now Sil. They've wrapped up... in a rather unexpected way... one of the loose ends from the old game, and will soon embark on a new adventure. We have been playing WAY more often than alternate Fridays, but that will sooner or later have to dial back a bit because my wife is getting annoyed. :)

Either way, I'd LOVE a new player. But for the Saturday thing it will be a little while.


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