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[Coldforged Character] - Aeomi Nefertiri Nebuchadessar
« on: April 25, 2014, 03:07:16 PM »
More details to come later.

Caramel colored skin, black short cropped hair (short enough to make it impossible to get grabbed), grey eyes. A lean and muscular body belying her age.

Aeomi Nefertiri Nebuchadessar

Imperial Ketange-Ishatal Summoner Monk

Physique 14
Agility 9
Intellect & Will 17
Charm & Looks 16
Senses 41

+1d4 damage
8/16 Hit Points
Movement 3
Initiative -3
Mana: 34 (64)
Memorization Points: 24
Born under the Lifegiver
1 FP

Bows 20+0+20 (40)
Close Combat 25+10+40 (75) (+25 to deflect Arrows/+25 Martial Arts)
Medical 5+15+0 (20)
Survival 5+10+20 (35)
Magic 0+15+60 (75) (+25 for Spiritcaller)
Divine 0+15+20 (35)
Thief 10+0+20 (30)
Communication 20+10+20 (50)
Lore 0+0+50 (50)

- Alert  (Sleeps lightly, nearly impossible to surprise while awake)

- Lightning Reflexes (-3 to initiative)

- Black Chestplate of a Ketange-Ishatal Master Swordsman : Masterwork armor imbued with shielding enchantment. 10 Armor Points on chest, +3 magical aura armor entire body (for a total of 13 on the chest, +3 on every other location).

- Staff of a Ketange-Ishatal Master Sorceror : +30 Mana, Telekinesis 5 round duration, 3/day (lift/push/pull/levitate/ram(2d6 dam)/shield(7 Armor Points in 10 feet radius))

Dark Side – Possessed by the corrupted spirit of a long dead Shievren Witch. The spirit can't be removed with conventional means and piggybacks. Emerges randomly, when failing or at GM's discretion.


Warding Sign:
3 mana for circle, 5 mana for pentagram
The priest draws a warding sign using either a staff, or a piece of chalk. The warding sign can block an entrance, or be drawn in a circle or pentagram around the caster. It is also possible to combine the pentagram with a circle. These warding signs layered atop each other is a particularly potent combination. The warding sign stops summoned beings from approaching the caster, or passing an obstacle. A warding sign can also be drawn around the summoned being before the summoning begins, effectively creating a prison of sorts.
A warding sign also wards of demons, undead and nature spirits. Even saints and angels are affected, though not gods.
Pentagram: Ward against demons and corporeal undead.
Circle: Ward against spirits and ghostly beings.
Unravel Undead:
POT 1/mana
This mighty divine magic tears the soul of undead from the mundane world and forcefully ejects it back into wherever it belongs. The spell is not effective against animated corpses, like skeletons and zombies, but is effective against ghouls, wraiths, banshees, vampires, etc. Spell potency is 1/mana and area of effect is 100 feet radius from the priest.
Daros the Priest of Fhalgharod is attacked by a pack of ghouls led by a vampire, and in desperation he casts Unravel Undead, to destroy as many as he possibly can. There are 10 ghouls, and each is affected. Daros spends 24 mana on the spell, giving a potency of 24. The ghouls have an Intellect/Will of 7, while the vampire has an intellect/will of 22. There is a 95% chance each of the ghouls are destroyed, and a 60% chance the vampire is destroyed.

Time Travel Vision:
1 mana: See what happened up to 10 minutes ago
2 mana: up to 1 hour ago
3 mana: up to 1 day ago
4 mana: up to 1 week ago
5 mana: up to 1 month ago
6 mana: up to 6 months ago
14 mana: up to 1 year ago
30 mana: up to 10 years ago
50 mana: up to 100 years ago
The Priest opens his third eye and reveals what happened in the future in this very location. The spell can be combined with spells like clairvoyance or scrying devices, to reveal what happened there.
Spell duration is 10 minutes, but can be boosted by spending more mana. If the caster wants to scry 100 years into the past, she has to know which time to look for, or desperately scan for what she looks for.

The Priest calls upon her god to mend broken flesh and bones. Heals 1 Hit Point per mana spent.

50 Mana
The Priest calls upon her god to bring a spirit back to life. This spell does not mend broken flesh, so the corpse must be healed before the spirit can be returned.


Essence Vision (1 Memorization Point - White Essence) – See the life energies of living beings, even through walls. 5 mana.

Circle of Commandment (1 Memorization Point - Earth Essence) - A summoner's Circle, wherein the Summoner calls the summoned being. Any being, summoned or not, that steps within the circle must follow the summoners command for a period of time. This time can be extended through the use of more mana. 3 mana. Lasts 10 minutes but can be boosted by mana. Can be combined with Warding Sign.

Bind Soul (3 Memorization Points - Earth Essence) – Bind a soul to an object, person, crafted tattoo or piece of ammunition. 0 mana. Requires a soul, either a summoned spirit or a sacrifice. Permanent. Bound souls can be used to either create mana items, enhance damage, increase armor, fuel special effects (separately cast spells for that) or to imbue an individual with a soul buff. Using a soul as a buff for the caster's abilities run a risk of insanity, or loss of control, and mages whisper horror stories of novice mages summoning too powerful spirits and ending up permanently possessed. To reduce that risk, casters can opt to make the binding one hour or less, at which time the soul is forcefully ejected from the caster, whether it is in control or not.

Call Departed (1 Memorization Point - White Essence) - Requires mortal remains and calls the soul of the deceased
It is not a ritual, it just calls the spirit of the dead over its mortal remains. It cannot do much, except answer questions and minor poltergeist stuff. 3 mana.

Summon the Host of Ardengard (6 Memorization Points - White Essence) - Epic Level Spell - Cost 80 mana - lasts 1 hour - Only castable at dusk or dawn - Ritual takes 30 minutes and the Host of Ardengard is the spectral host of St. Ardengard, Ancient Paladin Prince of Silmar. His host has 1d100 + 100 Spectral Warriors, St. Ardengard himself is a powerful spirit

Summon Banshee (2 Memorization Points - Black Essence) - The deaths of the Elven people has caused elven banshees to roam the land. With this spell you can summon one such and bind it to one command. Banshees are hateful beings and will try to subvert your command, so it has to be specific. Also: A warding sign is recommended, in case the Banshee breaks free. 12 mana. Ritual takes 45 minutes. If cast by an Elf, the ritual is instantaneous, as the Banshees will willingly come to a living elf. A living elf may also be able to barter with the banshee, on a successful communication roll (modified for the argument used).

Summon Nature Spirit (2 Memorization Points - Earth Essence) - Summons a forest spirit, able to control plants and nature. The spirit is fickle and will have to be persuaded to work for the caster. If a caster learns the spirit's name, it can be summoned again and again, and perhaps even develop a friendship with the caster. Such friendships are great boons, as the spirit would be likely to do things out of the kindness of its heart. Ritual takes 1 hour. Costs 12 mana.

Summon Graveling (1 Memorization Point - Black Essence) - Summons a graveling from a nearby Graveyard. These creatures are the size of dogs, sharp needle teeth and glowing yellow eyes. They are thieving little things that use illusions to escape detection and lure victims into their traps. 7 mana. Summoning Gravelings does not require a ritual and is done during one combat round. The spellcaster should have a warding sign to trap the gravelings and/or protect herself.

Hafraitus Lord of Shadow (4 Memorization Points - Black Essence) - This spell summons Hafraitus, the Prince of Elemental Shadow. The spell description warns that summoning an elemental prince is seen as a great injustice and beneath their station, so a warding sign must be in place. Also, unless bribed with a royal reward, a controlling circle must be in place for the prince to cooperate. The Prince is immensely powerful. 24 mana. The ritual requires 4 hours of chanting and ritual dancing.

Summon Fallen Hero (2 Memorization Points - White Essence) - Summons a fallen hero from a nearby graveyard or age old battlefield. The Hero will be disoriented and disdainful of its interrupted sleep. 12 mana. The Ritual takes 10 minutes.

Ketange-Ishatal Bolts of Force (1 Memorization Point - White Essence) - 1 missile per 2 mana - Goes through mundane armor 1-3 points of damage each. Stopped by magic armor. Instantaneous.

Ketange-Ishatal Movement of the Monk
(1 Memorization Point - Air Essence) - Lasts 2 rounds per mana spent. Doubles speed, not number of attacks. Enables the caster to jump +1 feet into the air per mana spent. Enables fancy air control saltos and such. Instantaneous.


Bolt of Essence
light or dark, 2d6 damage and 4 lingering damage for 1d4 rounds. Double damage at critical hit. Can be downgraded to half damage in order
to quicken up the casting.

Makeshift Summoning
Memorization level 1, light or dark, a quick summoning, creating the semblance of an ethereal being that won't last longer than until the start of Aeomi's next turn.
The creature does 1d6+2 damage, and can attack or defend, but has a higher chance of going out of control or failing than a normal summoning.

Illusory Shroud
Requires essence and a physical component, such as smoke, dust, water, fire etc. At its simplest, it is nothing but a parlor trick.
But the more manna spent to cast it, the more solid and convincing the illusion. At its strongest, it could fool a whole courtroom of people, or
convince a single person that he's endured an eternity of torture when in reality only a moment has passed.
The illusion is disbelieved with a will roll, the more manna spent, the harder it will be for them to see through it.
Conversely the more people the spell targets, the easier it will be for them to disbelieve it.
25+ (+10)
50+ (+20)
100+ (+30)
200+ (+40)

Manna Eater
Aeomi can subsist for a day without food and without suffering any dehabilitating effects such as fatigue, if she spends all her regained resting manna
towards sustaining herself. She can subsist without water for a day as well, without ill effects, if she spends double the amount of regained manna after a rest.

(19:01:15) Minion: Gossamer rolls 4d6 and gets 5,5,4,4. (14)

(19:01:18) Minion: Gossamer rolls 4d6 and gets 4,3,2,2. (9)

(19:01:19) Minion: Gossamer rolls 4d6 and gets 2,6,6,5. (17)

(19:01:22) Minion: Gossamer rolls 4d6 and gets 5,5,4,6. (16)

(19:01:33) Minion: Gossamer rolls 6d20 and gets 15,3,9,11,3,3. (41)
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Re: [Coldforged Character] - Aeomi Nefertiri Nebuchadessar
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2014, 03:08:38 PM »
Minor Henchman 25 (Imperial) 'Cydia' , female 17. Her hair is cropped short in deference to Aeomi.
Carries a sling.
PHY 12
AGI 14
WIS 14
LKS 13
Senses 69

12 HP
+0 damage
Movement 4
Initiative -2 (Uses the same initiative as Aeomi)
Mana: 24
Memorization Points: 18

Close Combat 0
Survival 0
Thief 10
Bows 10
Divine 10 10 (20)
Magic 10 15 (25)
Medical 10
Communication 10

Special Skills: None


Medium Henchman 55 (Ugeroth) 'U'kriel', male 37. Has no legs, strapped into a harness on 'Rune''s back. Has the whole demon looking package.
Twin Scimitars (1d6+2 damagex2) Piercing, double damage on special success (2d6+4 damagex1).
PHY 23
WIS 15
Senses 41

28 HP
+1d10 damage
Movement 2
Initiative +2 (Uses the same initiative as Aeomi)
Mana: 24
Memorization Points: 18

Close Combat 25 25 (50)
Survival 25
Thief -10
Bows -10
Divine 10
Magic 10 30 (40)
Medical 10
Communication 0

Special Skills: Ambidexterous, no penalty for dual attacking.


Major Henchman 70 (Silmarite) 'Rune', female 27. Her eyes are just black pupils in a sea of white, long black hair.
Sword and Shield.
PHY 16
AGI 15
WIS 16
LKS 15
Senses 83

16 HP
+1d4 damage
Movement 4
Initiative -2 (Uses the same initiative as Aeomi)
Mana: 24
Memorization Points: 18

Close Combat 10 30 (40)
Survival 10
Thief 10
Bows 10
Divine 10 10 (20)
Magic 10 30 (40)
Medical 10
Communication 10

Special Skills: Yet to be determined.
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Samotny Osovjaltek - Dwarven Guild – Level 1
STR: 3 | END: 3 | CON: 3 | DEX: 5 | CHA: 2 | INT: 4