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Ancient Gamer:

I request your feedback on this setting, especially the stuff in the Ruined City (Paris) thread.

If you like it, if you hate it, say so!

Like all critique and reviews, stating what makes you like or dislike it is helpful.

Also, if you have any suggestions, add-ons, improvements or removals that you'd like to offer, do tell me!

AG out!

Ancient Gamer:
Is it fine?
Is it heeeeeeell nooooo?

Still looking for ideas, suggestions, flame and fuel from you guys.

I'll entirely admit, I read just the first few posts when you first started posting it and wasn't really finding it interesting. I'll give it another shot.

I think it sounds like an amazing campaign, though I think it needs more detailed NPCs to bring the setting to life.

Ancient Gamer:
Thanks guys, I appreciate it!


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