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http://alum.wpi.edu/~wes/index.htm- The Crawling Chaos. He is truly a man after my own heart. In case you've already visited the site, and may think that he is me, you'd be wrong, but you have to agree that the similarities are endless! I can draw better than him, though...[/url]

Wonderful, the Alternative Holidays/Days of Significance :lol:

There's even the Defenestration of Prague... and International Sloth Day...



If you are a really serious videogamer, like me, you will enjoy Acts of Gord immensely. It's written by the Gord himself, who once owned a videogame store in the snowy realm of Canada. Sadly, the Gord no longer reigns over Gamer's Edge (He says so, and I checked when I went to Canada a few months back), but he still has additions to his site every once in a while, so read it!

The only other time I've laughed so hard at a website is when I read 8-Bit Theater.

And the Gord saw this post, and the Gord approved. And it was good.


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