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Just thought i'd throw up a thread so if the players in the Asydia game (Or anyone, really) were wondering about anything in Asydia and wanted an answer, they could post their questions up here.

Also, if anyone wanted more information in any area, you can suggest sections for me to work on next, to fill out.

Finally, feel free to add any comments or thoughts you had in this thread.

Since this has come up, I can throw in a few questions;

How does the OD generally treat their priests? How high rung are they?
Like, how much weight does their word carry, for an average person?

What is their view on animals, how are animals generally treated? Do they believe dogs/cats go to Axtrami heaven?

The Ouzquin Dremorix treat priests and clerics as respected equals. There is little in the way of hierarchy in the Quinnix lifestyle. While the High Priests in Bareka do have a large say in the movements and expansion of the city and OD society in general, they are tempered by the opinions of their people.
Likewise, there are no kings or emperors in the desert. A man's worth is determined by the life he or she lives. If one lives with strength and honor in his life, their opinions will carry more weight than for example, a scoundrel rogue from Seva Noxen.

The manner in which they treat animals are as varied as the people. Some have a soft spot for creatures. Others use them as work animals. Some treat them cruelly.

There are no divine animals in the Ouzquin Dremorix culture.


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