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[Magnifecent Maps Match] October 2013 Contest


The first Magnifecent Maps Match is finished. Now all there is left to do is the voting.

Rules for Voting:

* Cannot vote for own submission
* Must be either a cartographer or pledge to vote
* All cartographers required to vote (this one mainly here as there is so few cartographers currently)
The links to the entrees: Civitas Caeli and Edotown, the City in a Briefcase

First: 2 stat points and one sub off next level requirement
Second: 2 stat points

Good luck, and may the better person win!

Good luck to both of you! I like the idea of the challenges, Caesar, and may implement a similar thing once more people become occultists.


That was a really tough vote and I didn't like being forced to choose.

Both had outstanding ideas in their core that were fun and usable.

And with that, we have a winner!

Congratulations go to all contestants for excellent submissions.

In second place, we have Renlim, for Edotown, The City in the Briefcase. He will receive two stat points!

And in first place, we have caesar193, for Civitas Caeli. He will receive One Dropped Sub on Cartography Guild Quests and two stat points!

A big round of applause for our winners! And good luck for the next Magnificent Maps Match!


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