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The 5 Races of Goodness
Dwarves remain almost entirely unchanged, the stereotypical dwarven culture already has them livung in easily defensible bunkers underground, with them in constant warfare with Drow, Duergar, Derro, Goblins, Bugbears, etc etc.  Despite this Dwarves are also the most likely to found new colonies outside of their fortress cities, as their insatiable need to dig up gold and other shinies drives them ever outward.  They're also the most likely to have a colony go missing and just shrug their shoulders and wait 20 years to find out what happened. (See Moria, Mines of)
Elves are also more or less unchanged, in that they still live in forests and are insufferable pricks.  Also, hearkening back to their Tolkienesque roots, if you enter one of their forests witout permission they will shoot you, repeatedly, until you die.  Needless to say this xenophobic mentality and the fact that no one really understands how a race that breeds once every hundred years or so has led to some wild rumors among those in the Poleis; they worship Chaos, Faerie, the Dark from before Creation, they drink blood, they don't actually kill you but instead capture you to perform vile experiments on, they think human flesh is a delicacy.
Humans are already the above ground city builders in fantasy, the fact that having magical healing would mean that plagues don't happen.  And by retreating into easily defendable Poleis to defend themselves from wandering owlbears, the only thing that would cause a mass die off is if magic stopped working.
Halflings have a few options.  The Tolkien option is that they go back to being farmers, in the DMZs surrounding most Poleis and near Dwarven cities, living underground in burrows because it both frees up farmland and means that owlbears can't burn down their house.  The Kender option has them being wander gypsies that literally don't realize that everything in your average DnD setting wants to eat them.  This implementation of them would probably be required if interpolis travel is expensive and/or nonexistent, but airship and rails mean that information will alreasy pass largely unrestricted between poleis.  The Eberron option has them becoming seminomadic tribesmen, almost like good orcs; at which point we run into the problems that elves would have surviving living in the woods, except much worse because it's much harder to defend a caravan than a city of tree houses.  The last option is the Kithkin from the Eveningtide/Shadowmoor expansion of Magic.  They become exceedingly xenophobic, live in communal burrows, pick up illusions from the gnomes and trapmaking from the kobolds, and possibly become a low grade hive mind.  This option seems excessively grimdark to me.
Gnomes... I've got nothing.  If I had to guess I'd say option four off the halflings, maybe without he xenophobia.  Or possibly fantasy stereotypical Jewish moneylender/jewelers engaged in a worldwide conspiracy (though what they're conspiring to achieve is, as ever, entirely undefined.)

You don't really need gnomes at all. I hate the old version of the gnomes, because if you're going medieval, why mix in a bunch of steampunk without it affecting the rest of the world. It's like the gnomes and their technology exists in a vacuum. But if you want an alternative from the old tinker gnomes, take a look at 4E's gnomes, they're more eldritch.

Also, regarding the name Gnomes, if you choose to use them, why not call them Hobbesneblins instead.,6205.0.html

This started out as a search for stats on power armor/railguns, but rapidly expanded.  Now it's just a collection of links that I need to go over tomorrow.,000,000_Gold_a_Day
I don't even want to think of what happens if that 10' sphere doesn't fully encompass your target.
Not entirely related, but ran into it when searching for DnD railgun stats; came off a page about someone trying to make a character paying homage to A Certain Scientific Railgun using psion/monk/psionic class/psionic prestige class.  Not the most broken minmax I've ever seen, and flavorful.
Quote from page discussing peasant railgun: Nothing crazier than casting fabricate at will. Just enchant an item with that ability and hyper-industrialize a few millennia early. Even startrek replicators cannot compete. Everything is even recyclable, and at no cost..
Craft X +1 as a skill investment should be enough with a added int 30+ to allow for the most intricate and difficult worksmanship
This one actually helps a lot, someone looked at the standard DnD setting and saw something very similar that forces a similar state of megacities.  In this case it's the teleportation circle leading to the Tippyverse.
More Tippyverse inspired stuff:
1d4chan creates a hive world in a fantasy setting:
Quick readthrough provided a thought about a world where no one (rich) ever actually dies due to the fact that they can always have a rez spell cast on them.
Frank and K's sourcebooks, generally a big source of cheese, but some important points are brought up, putting them all down here so I can read through them again, with this setting in mind:

Entirely unrelated:

Alright, except for some of the ideas for the 30 I'm working on (which will be actually written up once I get a laptop) that I was able to pull from the D20 future SRD, most of those links were actually crap.

Tippyverse - cheap teleportation circles leads to mega cities.  On the surface it looks like this might be helpful, but the entire thread was about how the DnD rules either would or wouldn't allow this to work, and/or some way to block teleportation into the cities using rules as written. (RAW)  No one even mentioned the fact that if some one were to invent such an antiteleportation device, it would massively destabilize the world power structure (much like what the Soviet-American Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty was set up to prevent)

Amethyst - might pull some stats from here, but that's about it.

Frank and K's splats - due to the fact that they're written to assume you're keeping the psuedo Middle Ages Europe setting intact, much of it doesn't help at all, flavorwise.  The racial profiles from Races of War is useful as a starting point though.

On to new content!  Copying notes I made last night about mecha.  Will probably pull more stuff on this from a 6 year old conversation with Pieh and from Scras.

The Red Queen's Race
"Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!"

I've already decided that fireballs and the existence of persons of heroic power would likely prevent the application of black powder to warfare.  I may be entirely wrong on this premise, and should probably write on it more latter, just so that I can get my thoughts straight on it.  Anyway, with that in mind, Full Plate doesn't go out of style.  Add to that the fact that mages have a long tradition of enchanting items to increase their wearer's strength, it isn't a leap at all to say that eventually someone would develop a cheap way to produce power armor.

Even assuming that all this prototype power armor did was add +2 str, over a long enough time frame it would push more and more of this army into heavy armor.  When you start adding in some of the other things that power armor regularly does in SciFi (increased speed, extra survivability, HUDs) the advantage provided by powered armor swings right into walking tank with a greatsword territory.  At this point (with only bows/crossbows as man portable missile systems, and then mages as field mobile artillery) the next logical step is to make the suit stronger and heavier, making it larger would also allow it to gain a marked mechanical advantage over smaller suits.  Eventually you would cross over that murky grey line separating Mech and Power Suit.

Thus, sometime during this period, something needs to be invented to allow someone to run twice as fast (even if only for a day before everyone else copies it).  Cue the Gnomish engineer Armo Gauss, with his fabulous Gaussbow.  By electromagically accelerating bolts out of a crossbow, instead of relying on mere mechanical acceleration, he was able to make versions of his Gaussbow capable of taking down even the largest mech, though these versions are far from what could be described as man portable.  The availability of such a weapon tends to force an upper limit on the size of any Mech, generally about the point where the knee becomes a valid target.

This is a world brief in progress... Will edit this much like I'll go back and edit Moon's worldbuilding sheet.

* Reasons for Development In a world where anything and everything can and will kill a commoner, just because said commoner is there.  The races of Man would be much more likely to settle in heavily defended areas rather than try and survive in a village where a single monster could wipe out your, your family, and everyone you know.  This trend led directly to the development of the Polis as the primary political unit of the UHTF world.  Where as in your traditional fantasy setting, the PC's will the randomly mauled by a pack of owlbears not 3 miles outside of a village composed entirely of LVL 1 Commoners (which we all know can be killed by a housecat); UHFT has all the commoners living in easily defended Poleis.
* Additional Benefits Beyond the mere strength in numbers that having so many people living in one place provides, the fact that people are living so close together would force a positive feedback loop, whereby magic would be used to make sure they didn't starve or die of the plague, allowing the population to grow to the point where a group of mages would no longer be able to support them directly, forcing the creation of more efficient ways to make sure the populace was fed and healthy.  Magic becomes mundane, much like our modern day society just takes the existence of such marvels as the moon landing and the internet for granted.
* Post-Scarcity Utopia or Dolist Dystopia Magic is, at least in your average DnD setting, more than capable of producing a post scarcity utopia, much like the Federation in Star Trek.  One the other end of the scale, while 3 Goodberries would feed a commoner, and keep him from dying of anything other than old age or a magical disease, it isn't exactly the most filling meal known to man.  Personally I'm going to go with a point that's halfway between the 2.  While, yes, magic is used to care for the absolute basic needs of the society, there is still limits.  The city will provide you with 3 meals and a place to lay your head, but without any extra money, those meals are going to be tasteless gruel and that place to lay your head is going to resemble one of those coffin hotels in Japan, with communal everything else.
Black Powder

* History in Our World
* Reasons Against The things that early gunpowder weapons were used for are all strictly worse than what a single level 5 mage can do.  Using the gunpowder to make a rocket is still worse than a Fireball, and using it to make a hand cannon is worse than Magic Missle.
* Reasons For Dwarven alchemists might still perfect the use of gunpowder weaponry, despite the fact that for most applications magic is better.  The primary driving force behind this would be all the enemies the Dwarves have in the Underdark that have some form of spell resistance.  While against an Orc, fireball may be better, when you're facing Drow you'd be much more likely to take less overall damage for the fact that you know it's not just going to shrug off a cannonball to the face.
Industrial Magic

* Transportation and Trade Trains and Airships go here.  As well as teleportation at a local level.
* Consumer Products Magic items are mundane, they don't break down like tech products.
* Warfare in a Magitech World All the reasons mass charges of pike armed commoners won't happen.
Red Queen's Race

* Rundown of Scras's Mecha post
* Rundown of conversation with Pieh
* Potential Stat Blocks
Races of the World

* The Races of the Cities
* Dwarves
* Humans
* Gnomes
* Drow
* Vampires
* Illithids
* Yuan-ti
* Kobolds
* The Races of the Wilds
* Goblins
* Elves
* Orcs
* Halflings
Campaign Specifics

* The Peloponnesian League basic human multicity alliance
* Agency 17 Dealing with all the things that threaten our society and the societies of our allies.


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