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7Cs: Consistancy, Connection, Chrome, Cycle, Conflict, Control, Continuity

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Themes and Images:
"Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology." Niven's Corollary to Clarke's Third Law

Take your average DnD setting, what with the monsters roaming the countryside, and make enchanting items cheap.  Rather than your average mage making one or two low level items, then one or two mid level items, then one or two world shaking items of ego stroking; instead said mage makes a factory to produce a bunch of low level items, trains some craftsmen on how to do the individual parts and proceeds to repeat for the mid level stuff.  Magic turns into tech.  Of  course you still have the problem of owlbears roaming the countryside and mauling people, but magic can solve that problem too.  Or at least make it so that it isn't a problem.  Everyone lives in self sufficient arcologies, live and die w/out seeing the outside world.

Worlds Specs:
Terra Standard (TS)
DnD Standard (DS)
Races and Peoples:
Cultural Overview:
Laws and Morals:
Social classes:
Political Power:
Technology and Common Power:
Military Weapons and Tactics
Fantasy Gun Control is in effect, mainly because I can't think of a logical reason for peoples that have access to Fireball spells to need to invent the cannon to take down fortress walls, and w/out the development of the cannon, I can't really see the musket having developed.  Additionally, the rule of cool states that the development of industrial armies with hundreds and thousands of barely trained recruits is less desirable than some war zone that kewl knights can exist in.

Powered Armor - with the ability to cast spells that increase the strength of the recipient, powered armor would likely become quite common among the knightly ranks, because nothing is cooler than cutting through a horse lengthwise.

Fantasy Mecha - When simple powered armor isn't enough, for instance when your average knight needs to take down a dragon, step into this bad boy.  Increased size does come with a couple downsides; the armor is more expensive, you don't fit in tight spaces, you're easier to hit.  But I'm sure you'd agree, being able to wrestle with trolls is awesome.

Though the real thing that turns fantasy warfare on its head are the Mage Corps.  When a group of 4 mere mortals is capable of routing an entire peasant army, the view that anything resembling 'classical' warfare would exist in a setting like this must be abandoned.  Warfare in this setting went straight from Romans beating down on barbarians to post industrial brushfire wars fought primarily by highly trained specialists on one side and hordes of ill tempered locals on the other.
Industrial/ Production
Anything and Everything can be cured, if you have enough money.  It's likely that the lower classes are kept at a minimum well fed and healthy enough to work; mainly because it's easier to keep the elite healthy if herd immunity is strong.
Soylent Green for the common man up to real meat for those who can afford it.  It's hard to provide actual food for everyone when 90% of the farmable land is too dangerous to actually have farmers live on it due to wandering owlbears.
Cheap communication between mages is commonplace, thus the highest levels of society.  Whether is prototypical ARPANET has filtered down to the common man is up for debate.  Circuses, being one of the two pillars of any functioning society, means that some portion of the comm network is likely used to spread both propaganda down to the masses as well as cheap entertainment.  The question here being, is there a TV in every house, or is that something that you only find in movie theaters?
Math and Science
Magic allows the construction of super structures that your traditional fantasy totally ignores.  Not only floating cities, but towers miles tall.  Those living on the lowest levels of a city like that might believe that the sun itself is a myth.
Other Knowledge
Trains would likely be the most common form of transit between cities, though I could see blimps and airplanes being another logical choice.  Both have their upsides. Trains are quicker than blimps and can carry larger loads, where as the airships wouldn't be exposed to the potential of orcish raiding parties (see Indians attacking trains in westerns) but are still vulnerable to roaming dragons (probably more so seeing as they're more visable.) Inside the city transport pads are much more likely than cars.  Cars are much more likely to spawn sprawling cities like LA, where in this setting intelligent species have fled to dense arcologies to escape the ravages of wandering owlbears.
Arts/ Literature:
History Brief:

Since I've decided on small highly trained militaries, I need some way to get them there.  Thus Blimps.  While lighter than air transport is a slow, easy to hit target it can carry a larger amount of men and materiel than fixed wing.  The easy target problem can even be solved by magic (who would've thought), mainly be the clever application of multiple shielding spells, which also allows the crew of a ship of this type to loudly complain to the captain that the "shields are failing"

Air drops from a ship like this would either be in drop pods that shield the encased from damage due to magical dampening of force inside, or the use of magical antigrav devices that gradually slow you the closer to the ground you get, at which point you have 20 odd angry knights in power armor ready to take down any horde of wandering owlbears.

Ship mounted weaponry is also a must, with magic coming to the rescue once again.  Rather than having to have a whole mage cadre to throw fireballs at hostiles, instead have magically powered rail guns, which would actually be a strict progression of the crossbow/ballista.  Instead of relying on a piece of metal with a string to propel your bolt, you either use magic to force it out directly, or you use magic to create a traditional rail gun.  After doing some math I've decided that war between states scares me in this setting.  While fireballs are the most iconic wizard spell, what with the fire and the burning and what have you, in dnd they top out at 10d6, where as going with falling damage for a railgun would have it do 20d6, every other round.  Assuming your average ship of the line carries 50 guns you get (20d6/2x25=~875 damage a round) and I'm pretty sure with weapons like that on a tall wall a city cannot be taken by force.

All of my this.

This is the core setting concept I've been looking for my entire life (well, okay, just the past few years). It combines just about everything that I love conceptually, but never thought could be reasonably combined, into a single setting. Magitech, steampunk, swords-n-sorcery, vast tracks of unexplored wilderness, but massive cityscapes to get lost in as well. I'll definitely be contributing to this.

As a downpayment, your history is probably going to look something like Greece scaled up. Warring city-states squabbling over the most valuable pieces of developed land (after all, why waste the time and money to clear an area and develop it when you can just take an already-productive one from your neighbors by force?).

Teleportation and Gating

the ultimate form of logistics, deserves some attention both in civilian terms for moving goods and people from place to place, and in military applications for moving soldiers, removing soldiers and randomly summoning a powerful monster and then instantly teleporting it somewhere very inconvenient for your enemies.

Wards, Palings and Shields

In a world with clairvoyance, scrying, etc, there has to be some way to protect secrets. Likwise there needs to be a way to limit the places that can be targeted with teleportation spells, or ranged magical attacks.

Crop and Plant manipulation spells

More food from less land, super important

Evil races that actually prosper from arcologies:
Kobolds - the cockroaches of the fantasy setting, if there's sewers or something that looks like sewers kobolds will be there.  Probably a secondary protien source for the lower levels.
Illithids - so many brains, so little walking between them.
Vampires - as above, only with blood.
Yuan-ti - Snake cults, forced conversion.  At this point I'm starting to wonder if wandering owlbears aren't safer.


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