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New Character Class - Spirit Caller
« on: October 24, 2013, 07:37:49 AM »
Just thought i'd do this up for a bit of fun. Might be unbalanced and whatnot, and though it's inspired by a character in the Misadventures game in the Moderated Freeform Section, it's not necessarily the class that Somnak is.

The Nature of Spirits

Spirits of animals and people long since past plague the land - unseen and unheard to most but lingering on in this world. They are usually the result of a remorseless or unjust death, and usually serve little purpose - they cling to this realm through their own sorrow or remorse, and talk and scream and cry on the deaf ears of the living, ever unheard and ignored.

However, there are some who are born with or taught the ability to hear things in the world that others cannot. These people people can hear the calls of these spirits in some manner - some have to focus to listen to them. Others are unable to silence them, and must live their lives, listening to the spirits.

Those who hear these spirits usually become one of three things:

 - Many go insane, and live their short lives as madmen until they are locked away or put out of their misery.

 - Some become Shamans, able to talk to the spirits of those past and divine knowledge from them.

 - And some learn how to take advantage of the spirits; they become Spirit Callers, and are able to channel the spirits of dead through a musical medium to affect the world around them.

The Spirit Caller

While the Spirit Caller is attuned to the sounds of the Spirits of the world, they lack the focus and control to communicate with them as a Shaman would. Their minds usually cannot shut off the call of the spirits, and so their lives are influenced chaotically by the voices they hear; they tend to lack control. They are prone to bursts of emotion, especially the indulgent ones such as rage and lust. The Spirit Caller has a unique ability, in that by using parts of a slain creature as a physical medium, they can channel the spirit of that creature to affect the world around them. Most common is the use of a drum, whereby the Spirit Caller uses the skin of an animal to channel its essence, although technically lyres of intestine, or bone flutes could produce the same effect. The medium is not so important as the ability to channel the spirit through it - thus, a person who is not a Spirit Caller cannot recreate the effects of an instrument that a Spirit Caller can produce.
Due to the untempered emotions of a Spirit Caller, they are often prone to violence and physical exertion. Spirit Callers are physically strong and are proficient in combat. From the military Horn-sounder to a Tribal, savage drummer, the Spirit Caller uses their talent to inspire allies and befuddle foes.

The Spirit Caller is an offshoot of the Bard, mixed with Fighter. Their roles are primarily to Support the party, and to engage in physical combat.

Class Name: Spirit Caller
Hit Dice: 1d8
Restricted Alignments: None (Though Law and Good are rare. N, CN and CG are most common)
Armor restrictions: As the Spirit caller's powers are not spells, the Spirit Caller suffers no penalties for wearing armor.
Concentration checks: A Spirit Caller must make a concentration check if he is being attacked while playing his instrument. 

Recommended stats:
Unlike the bard, the Spirit Caller does not rely on Charisma, as he has no spells. His abilities are tied heavily to Constitution, which gives him more stamina to play his instrument and to further the lasting effects of powers. Wisdom is useful for understanding and taking advantage of the spirits with which the Spirit Caller communes with. Strength and Dexterity are the next level of importance, which Intellect and Charisma are perhaps least relevant.

Class item: Musical instrument (1st lvl)
When starting a Spirit Caller, players may have a standard instrument of their choice for free. The instrument is of a basic animal and only creates the standard Channeling effect (unless otherwise allowed by the GM)

Sonic Attunement (1st lvl)
The Spirit Caller is attuned to sounds and resistant to its effects, and gains 2 damage reduction against sonic damage every 3 levels

Spirit Channeling (1st lvl)
The Spirit Caller is able to channel the essence of creatures through a medium that is from that creature. The effect is detailed in this sub: http://strolen.com/viewing/Spiritskin_Drum however the instrument may be different. At level 5, the numeric effects go up by one step (+1 becomes +2, and 1d4 becomed 1d6, etc.) At level 10, 15 and 20, the numeric effects rise again.

 - Different mediums create different effects.
 - Allies and foes who are deaf lose all penalties or bonuses given by the drum.

Lingering Call (2nd lvl)
The Spirit Caller's music lingers within the minds of those around; allowing the effects to continue after playing has ceased.
The lingering effect is equal to the amount of rounds played +1d4. The Maximum amount of rounds the bonuses linger is your level + Con Modifier.

Spiritual Attunement (3rd lvl)
As his mastery of Channeling Spirits grows, the Spirit Caller is able to better understand the nature of Spiritual entities. He can add his wisdom modifier to attacks and damage against Spiritual and Ghostly foes.

Sonic Screech (5th lvl)
The Spirit Caller is able to focus the spirit energy into a high pitched screech without breaking the rhythm of his music. Foes must make a saving throw or be disoriented.

Premonitions (7th lvl)
Greater understanding of the spirits allow the Spirit Caller to gain a 6th sense while playing his instrument. He gains a bonus to his AC and Concentration checks, equal to to his Wisdom Modifier. This is only in effect while playing his instrument, and is not carried through with the Lingering Effect.

Sonic Barrage (8th lvl)
On reaching the 8th level, the Spirit Caller is able to focus the spirit energy into a concentrated burst without breaking their music. Deals 1d6 per level as sonic damage to all foes in range. Can only be used once per combat, but can be used once + Con Modifier times a day. 

Spirit Rage (10th lvl)
The Spirit Caller allows the Spirits to enter him while playing his instrument. When he finishes playing he receives additional bonuses for as long as the Lingering Call is in effect. He adds his constitution bonus to his attack rolls for every round played, and adds +2 to his damage for every round played. This can be used once per day + Constitution Modifier.

Lazarus Lightward, Elite Diabolist of the Brotherhood - Level 3 Occultist
Deathpriest Noxx, Herald of Eternal Silence – Level 2 Necromancer
STR: 2 | END: 2 | CON: 4 | DEX: 2 | CHA: 12 | INT: 13

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