Author Topic: [Asydia] The Axtrami Dilemma.  (Read 2910 times)

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[Asydia] The Axtrami Dilemma.
« on: October 23, 2013, 11:07:50 PM »
It is a little known fact within Asydia that Axtrami, the Deity of the Ouzquin Dremorix, is not in fact a god - at least, not in the same sense that the other Deities of Asydian cultures are. Unlike the traditional gods that are embodiments of particular aspects of life or the world, Axtrami is a lifeform borne of the belief of mortals, and his power is linked directly to this. He currently lives outside of the mortal realm, touching people through dreams and thoughts, but wherever belief in him is strongest, the greater the influence he is able to have. Only once before has he been able to fully manifest in Asydia (And that heralded the extinction of an entire race.), but as belief in him grows once more, his touch gets stronger.

The nature of Axtrami's power means that he has less limitations and greater potential even than the other gods, yet at the same time he is more restricted, as he is tied by the beliefs of the mortal races.

Axtrami, it seems, may not be at rest within the desert, however. It is postulated by some that Sirael - the new, harsh goddess of the Esgol Dwarves - shares too many similarities to Axtrami to be coincidence. Some suggest that Axtrami has donned a new mask, and is spreading his touch out from the Karikun Desert.

This postulation poses a worrying question. If Axtrami is actively spreading his influence, he must have a purpose. What is his purpose?

It seems, thus far, that Axtrami is something Tolerated by the True Gods of Asydia. The reason for this is not clear. It could be that Axtrami is accepted for what he is by the Gods, or that the Gods simply do not care about this growing force - it is well known that outside of the pantheon of Sen-Rab, the Gods of Asydia have very little to do with each other. Another thought is that the True Gods have stayed their hands because Axtrami is a form of life, and deserves a chance to live.

Some extremists suggest that Axtrami may in fact have more guises than previously suggested. Perhaps the Ralkharan Knights unwittingly worship him when they call upon Zevoah, the One-God's name. Perhaps even some of the aspects of the Sen-Rab pantheon are actually a facet of Axtrami!

Whatever the case, a Divine Stale-Mate between the two Deific sides stands; neither side willing to make the first blow. However all with knowledge of this Stalemate agree: A confrontation between Axtrami and the True Gods of Asydia appears inevitable.

As for who would be victorious in such a conflict; it is unknown. The conflict will divide Asydia, regardless, and Mankind will surely come out worse.

Another worry is the true motives of Axtrami: He is known as a mysterious and secretive god, and there is no guarantee as to how he would act if the other gods were not there to keep him in check. Axtrami has destroyed an entire civilization before; yet he is also the reason that the Ouzquin Dremorix are as strong and self-sufficient as they are. He could destroy the land, or turn it into a paradise if he had free reign.

Most agree that it would not be wise to make such a gamble; Axtrami and the True Gods must remain in their stalemate for as long as possible.

There is one other consideration however: There is a greater darkness looming outside the borders of Asydia. One that the current True Gods may not be capable of (or willing to) protecting mankind from.

Axtrami, if unchecked by the True-Gods and his influence and word spread, may grow powerful enough to stop this danger. But the cost of this? Mankind may have to band together and rally against their current gods, for the greater good of the world.

And this is the Dilemma. Axtrami is the great Question Mark of the world. What are his motives? Can he be trusted? If this Darkness ever encroaches, is it worth abandoning the True-Gods, for the chance that Axtrami may grow strong enough to save the land?
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