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Have you seen this, guys?

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Ancient Gamer:

I may very possibly be posting old news here, but it was the first time I saw this.

Looks amazing!

Crowdfunding is cool!

Not old news to me, and I'd sure like to play this! Right now in fact.

Ancient Gamer:
Pillars of Eternity is due to be released on Good old Gamers, http://www.gog.com, and Steam Winter 2014.
The hour of old-school RPGs draws near!

Ancient Gamer:
This must be the best career choice test I've ever seen.


Pretty nifty. Whatcha get? I got Action-Taker/‚ÄčAnalyzer

You have a natural curiosity and an infectious zest for life and learning. You are always thoughtful and inquisitive, yet you are willing to translate what you read in a book to the real world, rolling up your sleeves to conduct an experiment or fix a problem. You are constantly learning and are the first to research something with which you aren't familiar. When with others, you prefer to either be learning something new or caught up in a conversation about something that is interesting to you. You recharge when you are by yourself, working on a project or a hobby that you enjoy, answering to no one but yourself.


78 / 100

76 / 100

65 / 100

61 / 100

61 / 100

44 / 100

38 / 100


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