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So, for a school project (about which I can give details if asked), I am going to create a(very rough draft of a)n RPG. My idea is that I want to create a somewhat loose system that can just as easily be used for fantasy, sci-fi, or any genre, really. Failing that, I would probably transition to some sort of sci-fi military system, but that's a last resort.

However, I have no real idea where to start. Does anyone have suggestions on where to begin research on creating entire tabletop RPGs and RPG systems?

Also, would the Citadel be adverse to me posting drafts of various parts of said system?

From experience, both personal and watching others, you're going to have much better luck if you narrow down your system scope to a single genre. Generic systems are really difficult to get working in a way that keeps things understandable, sane, and balanced across different genres.

I'll see what I can find for building your own system, though, and post it here. Most of us love to see others working on things, so feel free to post your drafts and so-on.

Good luck!

You are assuming balance is an intended goal :)  Choice of play style is probably as important a consideration as the choice of genre.

Where do you want to fall on the Storytelling/Boardgame continuum?  Mechanics heavy? Rules lite? What course is this project for? That might help point you to the right choice.

For example, if for some reason its english (my high school english teacher loved D&D - she was into fantasy, theatre and the like) then storytelling.
If its something to use in a programming course, rules-heavy would be good since it is easier to program rules than roleplaying.


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